Bring your home to life with Sonos

***Product of the Year 2011*** - Smarthouse Smart Awards
Best Home Audio Streaming 2010 - Gizmodo
Editor's choice for Best Home Entertainment Device 2009 - Engadget

Play the music you want, all around your home and control it all from the palm of your hand with the Sonos Multi-Room Music System.

Easy control
Use your handheld Sonos Controller (or use the free app on your iPhone or Android phone) to play music through your wireless ZonePlayers in the rooms of your choice. Sonos allows you to play different music in every zone!

Your choice of music
Sonos gives you instant access to millions of songs and stations - including your own music library, thousands of free Internet radio stations, and popular online music services.

Wireless setup
Just plug your Sonos Bridge into your computer's router, install the software and instantly access the Sonos musical library.

With Sonos Connects or Sonos Play:3 / Sonos Play:5's in the rooms where you want music - from the bedroom to the backyard, you simply pick a zone, find a song and touch play.

Change the way you listen to music
The Sonos system is the first wireless multi-room digital music system of its kind. It will change the way you listen to music.

Bring your home to life with Sonos