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The Chord Company: Your Perfect Connection

Cables from the Chord Company in Wiltshire, UK, feature prominently in our Aussie Hi Fi recommended range. 

Since 1985, the Chord Company have been designing and producing cables in the belief that, rather than being simply an accessory to your sound system, they are a vital component. The correct cable choice can transform your listening experience and truly enhance your hi-fi or home cinema pleasure. 

All Chord Company cables are designed to minimise the effect of interference from surrounding factors, allowing the complex signals to travel cleanly and efficiently from place to place. Proper screening protects the integrity of the source. Poor cabling can be responsible for reduced performance of your whole system. Be careful not to compromise quality by making a bad cabling choice.

Research, development and collaboration with equipment manufacturers have allowed the Chord Company to produce some of the very best cables and interconnects available. Their almost obsessive attention to quality and the use of cutting edge design makes for connectors that reveal the true performance of any electrical equipment.

Whether your passion is music, film or games, the Chord Company has the perfect cable for you to take your experience to the next level. For hi-fi or home cinema systems, Chord cables provide the perfect connection.

The Chord Company Products:

Interconnects - Analogue Interconnects for RCA, XLR and DIN, Tone Arm cables, Subwoofer cables, USB and Digital Audio Interconnects

Speaker cables

Power cables

Home cinema & HDMI

They also make Cables for musicians and various other industry related accessories 

About the Chord Company

Home of the Cable Doctor, the Chord Company understands how critical cable manufacture and performance is to the ultimate listening experience. They use specialised machinery to measure and prepare cable products, laboriously hand-assembling many of them to ensure precise placement of the individual terminations.

Extremely thorough testing procedures ensure rigorous examination of each product before it leaves the factory. Each cable is built with Chord Company passion and precision. 

Special requirements can be met, including custom lengths and unusual terminations or configurations, since all cables are manufactured in-house.

The Chord Company has total commitment to:

  • High Quality Products - in-house design and production
  • Excellent Standards - consistent performance and results
  • Great Reputation - good value, high performance products
  • Customer Service - full support and warranty on all cables
  • Technical Advancement - innovative answers to new performance demands
  • Custom Built Cables - hand built items for special requirements


Understanding the importance of the connection elements within a hi-fi or home theatre system, the Chord Company takes immense pride in producing top-of-the-range products. They believe you can clearly hear the benefits that their cables bring to the enjoyment of music and film.

At Aussie Hi Fi we have a cable for every requirement and invite you to try the Chord Company cables for yourself. Ignore the hype and simply listen to the product.

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