Chord - Anthem Tuned ARAY RCA-RCA - 1m

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Tuned ARAY was developed for our flagship Sarum cable range, and once the technique had been successfully applied and the increase in performance so profound, we were left with no choice but to try to apply the same technology to other cables we produced. Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY is a completely new digital interconnect, and a very affordable introduction to Tuned ARAY technology.

As with other Tuned ARAY cables, the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY brings detail and coherence to the system it is connected to, but it’s the sense of performance and the musical involvement that makes Tuned ARAY cables so special.

So what do you put a £200.00 digital cable with? On the face of it, some pretty serious equipment, but that’s missing the point. Connect a £300.00 streamer to any decent DAC with the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY and get to listen to whatever you choose to stream with a real sense of life and performance. Or connect your transport and DAC and enjoy your CD collection all over again.

Almost regardless of your equipment, the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY is a perfect way of understanding how important Tuned ARAY is when it comes to really getting into the music you love.
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The cable The Chord Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY is built from a clever cable design using solid core silver-plated signal conductors, insulation is PTFE and shielding is a combination of foil and high-density braid. This provides a high degree of interference protection across a very wide frequency range. The shields are protected with a PTFE outer jacket. The cable is built to an extremely high standard to minimise mechanical noise. The PlugsThe Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY is fitted with Chord’s custom VEE 3 RCA plugs. The new design of the ABS outer shell and the unique silver-plating process applied to the contact areas improves signal transfer across a wide frequency range. The signal return surround provides a secure high pressure contact with all types of RCA sockets. The centre pin is insulated with PTFE and the design of the plug and ABS outer shell provides good strain relief, without compressing The cable and compromising performance. The Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY is also available fitted with military grade silver-plated 75 Ohm BNC plugs.Use it withIt’s good to understand just how much Tuned ARAY improves the way in which you engage with music, and it’s important to understand how much of this improvement is due to Tuned ARAY technology. So try the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY with streamers, with transports, with anything that requires a digital audio connection. Almost regardless of the cost of your streamer or your DAC, you should listen with an Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY; it’s the difference between listening to your music and loving it.
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