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AURALiC's passion is to create user-friendly audio equipment that combines both incredible design & audio technologies.

AURALiC strives to accurately capture and reproduce every detail in program material. By using the highest in quality components, AURALiC ensure that music lovers, Audiophiles & Audio Engineers alike are treated to some of the very best listening experiences.

Capturing all of the nuances in a recording accurately is possible and is what almost every manufacturer should strive to do. This is at the very top of AURALiC's list, and they achieve this by incorporating advanced digital & analog technologies.

AURALiC dedicates a lot of time to research. Throughout their journey, AURALiC has noted a significant degradation in audio quality caused directly by electromagnetic interference. This interference is said to have been caused by external sources as well as the playback devices & recorded media. To combat this degradation plaguing the audio industry, AURALiC developed a cabinet material named AFN402, which would isolate external electromagnetic interference and reduce the resonance created by many standard cabinets. AURALiC also developed a new material dubbed Alire Resonance Damper. AURALiC's products are covered in this material to prevent both electromagnetic interference & vibration interference.

All of these technological advancements ensure that the sound is delivered as accurately as possible, without interference causing soundstage & frequency reproduction interruption.

If you have a question regarding any AURALiC product, please give us a call on 1300 308 711, visit our Brisbane store.

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