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  • Cambridge Audio - CXA60 - Integrated Amplifier - CXA60-BLACK Australia Brisbane Cambridge Audio - CXA60 - Integrated Amplifier - CXA60-BLACK Australia Brisbane
    On Sale

    Cambridge Audio - CXA60 - Integrated Amplifier (SYNRGY)

    The heart of your music system.   Designing the CX Series amplifiers was a labour of love; the product of a team dedicated to extracting every drop of pleasure and...
  • Cambridge Audio - CXA80 - Integrated Amplifier - CXA80-BLACK Australia Brisbane Cambridge Audio - CXA80 - Integrated Amplifier - CXA80-BLACK Australia Brisbane
    On Sale

    Cambridge Audio - CXA80 - Integrated Amplifier (SYNRGY)

    The Cambridge Audio CX A80 amplifier is an incredibly attractive amplifier. The rigid structure reduces vibration & electrical interference, which ensures a clean sound. This sound is powered by the...
  • Cambridge Audio - CXC - CD Player - CXC-BLACK Australia Brisbane Cambridge Audio - CXC - CD Player - CXC-BLACK Australia Brisbane
    On Sale

    Cambridge Audio - CXC - CD Player (SYNRGY)

    The Cambridge CXC delivers stunning CD playback and works in perfect harmony with the Cambridge CXA60 and CXA80 integrated amplifiers, as well as other external DACs. At the heart of...
  • Cambridge Audio - CXN - Upsampling Network Music Player - CXN-BLACK Australia Brisbane Cambridge Audio - CXN - Upsampling Network Music Player - CXN-BLACK Australia Brisbane
    On Sale

    Cambridge Audio - CXN - Upsampling Network Music Player (SYNRGY)

    Cambridge’s multi-award winning StreamMagic series enables the CXN to play virtually anything, from basic compressed MP3 formats to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality FLAC and WAV files. Its wireless playback capabilities...
  • Cambridge Audio - TVB2 - Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

    We asked our engineers to produce a compact, premium soundbar that would be one of the most discreet available, but without giving anything away to the competition in terms of...
  • Cambridge Audio - TV5 v2 - Soundbase with Bluetooth

    It's just undergone an upgrade for 2017 but TV5 still promises nothing but simplicity. At least in terms of design, usability and set up. Because inside is the ultimate one...
  • Cambridge Audio - Topaz AM10 - Integrated Amplifier

    If you’re looking for an amp that never gets ruffled, the AM10 is what your ears have been waiting for. And with a genuine 35 watts per channel it gives...
  • Cambridge Audio - DacMagic 100 - DAC

    DacMagic 100 is a mini marvel of digital engineering. Designed to significantly improve the sound quality of your existing digital music devices, DacMagic 100 is capable of extracting real hi-fi...
  • Cambridge Audio - BT100 - Bluetooth Receiver

    By connecting our new BT100 to any supported Cambridge Audio product, you can now stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth...
  • Cambridge Audio - SX-50 - Bookshelf Speakers

    Simplicity of design. Incredible performance With the SX-50, we've created a speaker that offers immense hi-fi performance at a ridiculously reasonable price. The SX-50 is designed from the ground up...
  • Cambridge Audio - ONE - All in One Music System

    We all love to play our music from a wide variety of different sources; from CDs and computer hard drives, to online streaming services and DAB radio. But to play...
  • Cambridge Audio - Aero 2 - Speaker System (SYNRGY)

    Combining a 2.25" BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) driver and 6" woofer, these are the little speakers that make a big sound. But don't make the mistake of thinking them brash.Using...
  • Cambridge Audio - Aero 3 - Speaker System (SYNRGY)

    The most versatile rear surround speakerWhatever your surround sound setup, these versatile BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) rear speakers will vastly improve your audio.Using a BMR driver over traditional cone drivers...
  • Cambridge Audio - Aero 5 - Speaker System (SYNRGY)

    The dialogue speaker with a differenceThe most vital part of cinematic sound? The dialogue! Without the drama of human interaction, there's little point in even turning on. Yet all too...
  • Cambridge Audio - Aero 9 - Speaker System (SYNRGY)

    The sub that makes movies and music go with a bangA subwoofer designed specifically to shine alongside the rest of the BMR-driven Aero speakers.The innovative Aero range combine BMR (Balanced...
  • Cambridge Audio - Aeromax 2 - Speaker System (SYNRGY)

    Using a BMR driver instead of a traditional tweeter gives the Aero series several key advantages – adding up to a radical difference in audio quality compared to its rivals....
  • Cambridge Audio - Aeromax 6 - Speaker System (SYNRGY)

    These are absolutely stunning floor standing speakers, ideal at delivering stereo music in pin-sharp detail, and powerful front left/right channels for an immersive home cinema surround sound experience. Our expert...
  • Cambridge Audio - Minx XL - Bookshelf Speakers (SYNRGY)

    The Minx XL is a speaker that offers immense hi-fi performance at a ridiculously reasonable price.It is the perfect complement to the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi. No matter what you're...
  • Cambridge Audio - S215 - Minx 5.1 Speaker Pack (SYNRGY)

    With five Min12 satellite speakers placed at the front, centre and rear of your room and a tiny X201 subwoofer located wherever you wish; this amazing system will instantly transform...
  • Cambridge Audio - S315 - Minx 5.1 Speaker Pack (SYNRGY)

    With five Min12 satellite speakers placed at the front, centre and rear of your room and a diminutive X301 subwoofer located wherever you wish; this amazing system will instantly transform...
  • Cambridge Audio - S325 - Minx 5.1 Speaker Pack (SYNRGY)

    Developed to meet the needs of the most obsessive movie lover, this diminutive 5.1 system puts you right in the heart of the action without having to share your home...
  • Cambridge Audio - Yoyo (S) - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Audio Components: Two full range drivers, subwoofer and passive bass radiator deliver incredibly powerful sound from a compact form.  Bluetooth and NFC: Connect any Bluetooth device and if your device...
  • Cambridge Audio - Yoyo (M) - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Sound First Design: Each (M) has one full range driver and a subwoofer which deliver incredibly powerful stereo sound from compact profiles.Every box of (M)s includes two speakers so you...
  • Cambridge Audio - Topaz CD10 - CD Player

    With a highly regarded premium Wolfson Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), a superior servo system and precision transport, the CD10 will harness every drop of information from your favourite discs...

Cambridge Audio: High Quality Home Audio

Established in the 1960's by graduates of Cambridge University in England, the brand Cambridge Audio prides itself on reproducing the classic "British" sound. Rather than the heavier bass of American systems, or the mid-range vocal emphasis of some Asian brands, they aim to deliver recording-level quality, so you can hear your music just as it was laid down, totally authentic.

Working under the name of Cambridge Consultants, they released their iconic P40 amplifier in 1968. The company made it their goal to develop high fidelity sound technology, prototyping and testing their systems to faithfully recreate pure and natural audio.

Continuing this tradition of innovation, today Cambridge Audio design and develop their own technology standards, the most significant of which are:

  • ATF2, Adaptive Time Filtering - unique, improved upsampling technology which also reduces digital jitter
  • BMR Speaker Drivers - Cambridge Audio's registered loudspeaker technology that is capable of producing a wider, mid-range sound with resilient bass 
  • Class XD, Crossover Displacement - patented amplifier circuitry that optimises efficiency vs distortion
  • StreamMagic Streaming Platform - award winning functionality, with simple, usable control, able to integrate multiple streaming services 

Classic Hi-Fi

Cambridge Audio produces the ultimate specialist sound equipment, most notably their award-winning 851 series of hi-fi components. Taking your listening to new heights, they are backed by thousands of hours of testing and the company claim that they set a reference standard for hi-fi. At the heart of their systems, the 851 amplifiers balance power with control without distortion to produce the classic authentic Cambridge Audio sound.

CX Series

The new CX range of hi-end components has been developed to optimise digital sources, delivering powerful sound like you’ve never heard before. A source of pride to Cambridge Audio, this latest range is designed without compromise by a group of engineers and designers who are also musicians and music lovers.

Cutting edge digital audio combines effortless compatibility with beautiful design.  Revolutionising entertainment in the digital age, it delivers a precise, detailed audio performance that will take your breath away.

Cambridge Audio's range of Network and Disc players incorporate their award-winning technology for exceptional audio performance of digital music, whatever the source.

First in the range came the CXN - a digital network player that is easy to use, delivering audiophile quality from your preferred digital source. Looking as good as it sounds, the unit boasts a full colour display and sleek user interface with intuitive control. The aesthetically appealing low resonance chassis enhances sonic performance whilst appearing to be floating on a bevelled base. 

The Cambridge CXC CD transport spins your discs with perfection. State of the art error correction plays audio CDs brilliantly with minimal disc jitter for the most accurate rendering of CD recordings. 

The CXA60 and CXA80, integrated amps at 60 and 80 Watts respectively, meticulously amplify any source with a warm low end whilst retaining every detail. Offering every combination of analogue and digital connection you could require, these powerful units are engineered to provide an energetic sound that will make your music soar to new heights and reveal new depths.


The result of a tradition of technical excellence and the culmination of more than 30 years of digital experience, Cambridge Audio products continue to set new standards in sound reproduction. Their fanatical attention to fine tuning delivers award-winning products, though they still maintain that the secret of their success is that great things happen when people who love music design hi-fi.

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