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  • Duevel - Venus - Omni-Directional Speakers

    The Venus measures just under 1 m tall and is in three sections. Starting at the bottom, there is first the six-sided (to reduce internal standing waves) rear-ported bass enclosure,...
  • Duevel - Speaker Feet - 8 Pieces

    Their carefully designed geometry is optimised for use under our speakers, though with a simple rotation of the upper piece they could be used as isolators under sensitive electronic components....
  • Duevel - Sirius - Omni-Directional Speakers

    Hearing your favourite music through the Sirius is something that cannot be forgotten cannot be duplicated5 watts of SET amplification will wake the ultimate power locked within the massive Jove....
  • Duevel - Enterprise - Omni-Directional Speakers

    No more sweet spot, no more restrictions, these Duevel’s sound phenomenal from any position with style that will amaze. The Enterprise brings a new level of 360-degree omni-directional performance. The...
  • Duevel - Bella Luna - Omni-Directional Speakers

    The Bella Lunas are an Audiophile's dream.These transducers have the complete and total ability to transform your listening space into a live concert venue. The musical signal is reproduced as...

Duevel: Omnidirectional High End Loudspeakers

The distinctive Duevel range of high end hornspeakers set a new standard of natural music reproduction. Home audio speakers made in Germany, that stand out in any setting.

Perfect in omnidirectional character, they simulate the acoustic ideal.

With excellent frequency and phase response, coupled with high efficiency, these speakers have won high acclaim throughout the world. 

Aussie Hi Fi stocks the complete range of Duevel speakers: 

  • Venus
  • Bella Luna 'diamante'
  • Sirius
  • Enterprise
  • Planets



With twenty years experience in speaker production, design team Markus and Anette Duevel decided to lift the music reproduction industry to the next level. They developed their first omnidirectional horn speaker in 1997, after years of research into radiating horn systems.

The special Duevel two-way crossover followed, together with improvements in speaker matching and driver technology. Each generation of Duevel speaker has evolved and the improvement process continues to this day.

The Planets

Determined to fight prejudice against horns and omnidirectional technology, the Duevels developed the Planets - affordable floorstanding units that radiate a full and incredibly immersive sound. This simply made model, available in eleven colours, is billed as the company's 'appetiser' because it sounds great, looks good, is easy to handle and inexpensive.

Don't be fooled by the size, though, these little gems play BIG! If you want truly high performance on a strict budget, the Planets deliver the perfect solution.

Breaking a new sound vs price barrier, these remarkable speakers comprise a 5 inch woofer and 1 inch horn loaded tweeter, simple and ingenious crossover technology and reflective spheres inside a finely tuned bottom ported cabinet. The result is a speaker which performs beyond all imagination.

Deep taut bass notes, midrange clarity and glow combine with fast transparent highs to provide the listener with a rare musical experience at a highly competitive price. For real, live, room-filling sound from any source, the planets are a stunning speaker choice for both 2-channel music and home theatre playback.

Combining truly innovative design with amazing sonic ability, there exists a Planet you can call your own!


This omnidirectional horn speaker is the ultimate expression of Duevel technology. Sirius will take you back to the original recording venue with thunderous bass, glorious mids and soaring highs that combine artfully to fill the largest of listening spaces.


Producing quick and lively sound with deep bass, Venus stands strong in small to medium sized rooms. 

Bella Luna 'Diamante'

Transporting you to another place and time, the Diamante's faithful reproduction of the original sound swirls around 360 degrees with completely natural sonic propagation. Special internal octagonal bracing and innovative tuning methods, exclusive to Duevel, make this model perfect for mid-sized listening spaces, easily powered with SET or higher powered amplifiers.


The Duevel designs came about because of Markus and Anette Duevel's discontentment with the status quo and their drive for perfection. Having a great love for music, voices, instruments and the emotions and associations they instil, the couple turned their back on traditional speaker design to walk a different way.

This love for music drives their search for the perfect 'goosebumps' sound to this day and they are currently working on more models and ideas that they will no doubt continue to bring to life with passion.

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