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  • HiFiMAN - HE-400S - Headphones Display model

    For the music aficionado, these headphones bring a new definition to elegance in sound, comfort and style. The dynamic and comfortable headphones are lightweight, comfortable and will allow you to...
  • HiFiMAN - HE-560 - Headphones

    HiFiMan's HE- 560 Headphones belong to the league of the most superior and advanced headphones. With a planar magnetic design, built for both the ultimate sound & comfort, they are...
  • HiFiMAN - HE-1000 V2 - Headphones Display model

    The HiFiMAN HE-1000 V2 planar magnetic headphones are the first headphone ever developed using nanometer grade material. The HE-1000 have been established as one of the best headphones of all...
  • HiFiMAN - Edition X v2 -Display model Open-back Headphones

    Ultra High Performance. Ultra High Sensitivity. Ultra High Experience. HiFiMAN's Edition X V2 breaks new ground in performance, style and comfort for planar magnetic headphones. The Edition X V2 has...


If you’re looking for truly high-end, mind-blowing audiophile headphones, HIFIMAN needs to be your last stop. They’re the company behind what CNET calls the “best-sounding headphones in the world.” In fact, HIFIMAN has received accolades from the likes of Time Magazine, Forbes, Mirror, The Independent, Frankfurter, Allgemeine Zeitung, WIRED, SPIN - and we could keep going, but you get the idea. HIFIMAN is regarded as the elite manufacturer and designer of high-quality performance headphones and portable audio device ranges. The sound quality is, of course, like nothing you’ve ever heard. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re absolutely gorgeous, and amazingly comfortable.

When we say that HIFIMAN produces award-winning products, we mean it literally. They’ve won the Audio Excellence Award, the CES Editor’s Choice Award, EXC!TE Award (twice!), the RESI award, and been named The Audiophilica’s best-sounding gear. Founder Fang Bian is going to start running out of shelf space soon! 

Based in New York, HIFIMAN was founded in 2007, at a time when music lovers were having a hard time finding headphones that were good enough to compliment the prodigious new technology in recording. They developed and manufactured their original headphone model, the HE-5, which brought elite audiophile sound into the hands (or rather onto the heads) of music lovers the world over. HIFIMAN is credited as the pioneer who brought planar magnetic technology to the headphone masses.

The company released the first true high-end portable music player two years later in 2009, which was acclaimed by critics and audiophiles alike, and they are known for their world-renowned planar magnetic headphones with state-of-the-art driver technology and dynamic in-ear drivers. Over their history, the company has gained a wealth of experience and expertise in building upper-tier planar magnetic headphones that have earned them all this acclaim. In 2008, their HE-5 headphone was released, followed by the improved HE-5LE model. A few years and models later, the HE-400 was unveiled, which became the world’s most affordable and easiest to drive planar magnetic headphone. New models continue to be released, with no “duds” among them, if you believe all the rave reviews over the years (and we do!). HIFIMAN continues today to push boundaries and make strides in making incredible products. 

The sound quality on HIFIMAN’s headphones is truly hi-fi in a way that many other brands simply can’t match. Their goal is to reproduce the sounds one would experience in the best seat in a top music hall. They match state-of-the art sound with dazzling cosmetics and ergonomics. Founder Fang Bian comments that the differences between planar and electrostatic designs and dynamic headphones are “so big that anyone can readily hear and appreciate them”. The company is working hard on improving material science on diaphragms, conductors, etc., that will become part of future products. In other words, you can trust that you’re getting every penny’s worth when you experience these truly amazing headphones, regardless of which model you choose.

Models range in price from about $400 to over $4,000. Only a few select dealers have the opportunity to offer HIFIMAN’s exclusive products, so we’re honored to be the official Australian dealer of these incredible products. Take a peek below at our HIFIMAN offerings, or stop by our store to experience them in person.

To say that HIFIMAN makes a great set of headphones would be the understatement of the century. You’ve just got to experience it for yourself. 

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