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  • Michell - TecnoDec - Turntable - TECNODEC Australia Brisbane Michell - TecnoDec - Turntable - TECNODEC Australia Brisbane
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    Michell Engineering - TecnoDec - Turntable

    No Tonearm or Cartridge Included at the special price during The Black Friday Christmas Sale Solid-plinth turntable with standalone motor Acrylic/vinyl platter, impedance-matched to the record Oil-pumping inverted bearing High-quality...
  • Michell Engineering - TecnoArm A - Tonearm

    One-piece perforated arm casting with internal foam damping Proprietary silver litz cable in a continuous run from cartridge to amplifier PTFE dielectric, metal braided shielding, separate ground wire Silver-plated cartridge...
  • Michell Engineering - TecnoWeight

    The TecnoWeight is a precision machined tonearm counter weight system, which was developed for use on our TecnoArm ‘A’ tonearm.  The under-slung design of the counter weight effectively lowers the...
  • Michell Engineering - GyroDec - Turntable

    The classic Michell turntable, continuously refined during many years of development to the current level of performance. The Michell GyroDec is a three-point spring-suspended turntable of medium mass, which is...
    From $5,299.00
  • Michell Engineering - GyroDec SE - Turntable

    Based entirely on the GyroDec, but without the costly acrylic plinth and dust cover, the Gyro SE brings the same qualities in a more affordable and compact package. A Michell...
    From $4,099.00
  • Michell Engineering - HR - Power Supply

    Adding extra stability to the power supply for the motor. The HR Power Supply is a low-noise electronic power source for the DC motors as found on the TecnoDec, GyroDec...
  • Michell Engineering - Orbe - Turntable

    Double chassis, suspended pendulum subchassis Damped subchassis 60 mm thick massive acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia Screw-down record clamp, compatible with standard and 180g audiophile pressings Inverted oil-pumping bearing Custom...
  • Michell Engineering - Orbe Platter Kit

    60 mm thick massive acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia Screw-down record clamp, compatible with standard and 180g audiophile pressings Replacement threaded record spindle Damping material for sub-chassis Replacement belt
  • Michell Engineering - Orbe SE - Turntable

    By eliminating much of the expensive acrylic, the Michell Orbe SE offers most of the Orbe’s qualities in a cheaper, smaller, and to some people aesthetically more pleasing package. An...
  • Michell Engineering - Orbe Clamp Kit (For GyroDec & Gyro SE)

    To bring all of the added benefit of the Orbe screw-down record clamp to GyroDec and Gyro SE owners, the Orbe Clamp Kit contains a new, threaded record spindle that...
  • Michell Engineering - Secure Cover

    Available to fit the Orbe SE, Gyro SE and Gyro SEduction, the new SEcure Cover has been designed to totally cover the whole deck (platter, motor and arm assembly) and is the  is the...
  • Michell Engineering - Iso Base

    The Iso Base is the ideal platform to place your Michell Engineering turntable.  Its inert material characteristic combined with the tenderfeet give it the extra isolation that is necessary for the...
  • Michell Engineering - Record Clamp

    Black Delrin record clamp with anodised aluminium knob for use on GyroDec, TecnoDec, or third-party turntables.
Michell undoubtedly produce some of the finest Turntables the world has ever seen, and now they're Available from Aussie Hi Fi. We are an Official Michell Dealer, so you're backed with support from us, the Michell distributor and Michell's Warranty and customer service.
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