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  • MK Sound - LCR-750 C - Centre Speaker

    The system's three front speakers are acoustically identical for a cohesive sound field and seamless transitions as sound moves across the front. Effortlessly clear, intelligible dialogue, music and effects allow...
  • MK Sound - LCR-750 - LCR Speaker

    Flat on-axis and off-axis response is achieved by careful analysis of the speaker’s response in both the time and frequency domains at various angles in both the vertical and horizontal...
  • MK Sound - SUR-95T - Tripole Surround Speakers

    Features: DAB, DAB+ and FM 10 Station Presets RDS FM Tuner Bluetooth Playback Large Vivid Display Rarely will you find a DAB/DAB+/FM Tuner of this quality. The Johnson & Mitchell...
  • MK Sound - SUR-55T - Tripole Surround Speakers

    Even Distribution of Sound Combined with the front-mounted 1” soft-dome tweeter and 5.25” polypropylene mid-woofer direct radiating configuration (the same drivers as in the LCR-750 and Centre 750), the Tripole®...
  • MK Sound - S-150 MKII - LCR Speaker

    For the first time since its introduction nearly 15 years ago, the S-150 has been updated in every aspect, from driver technologies to crossover design to cabinet tuning and construction....
  • MK Sound - MPS-1611P - Active Monitors

    For smaller suites and more modest budgets, MPS 1611P offers critical listeners precision monitoring for extended periods with extraordinary accuracy and smooth response with no listener fatigue. The M&K Sound...
  • MK Sound - LCR-950 - LCR Speaker

    Crucial to the consistency and seamless surround sound field generated by the 950 system, front and rear speakers employ the same innovative drivers, crossover components and technologies. Optimised System Performance...
  • MK Sound - 950F - Floor Standing Speakers

    By popular demand, M&K Sound now offers the 950F, a full-size, floorstanding version of the 950 monitor that retains all the power and glory of the 950 in a slimline,...
  • MK Sound - X-8 - Subwoofer

    X8 subwoofer: With dual 8” drive units, the X8 provides 100 sq. in. of cone area to move and control air, equivalent to a single 12” driver As dedicated audiophiles...
  • MK Sound - X-12 - Subwoofer

    THE VERDICT M&K Sound calls the X12 the subwoofer, and I can't disagree with them. I'm pretty smitten with the X12 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. It...
  • MK Sound - X-10 - Subwoofer

    The X Series subwoofers bring it all home to you. Your final choice of X Series subwoofer model will naturally depend on many factors including room size, preferred listening levels,...
  • MK Sound - VA-500 - Subwoofer Amplifier

    Dedicated Amplifier his dedicated Class D power amp with high efficiency, cool running and low standby voltage consumption is a further development of the amplifiers built into the popular M&K...

MK Sound or as some know it, M&K sound are manufacturers of some of the highest quality speakers available. Some professional movie production studios demand the use of MK Sound products by their audio & mastering engineers which is a testament to their incredible quality.

MK Sound creates speakers specifically for professional & home theatre use including: Floor Standing Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers, LCR Speakers, Subwoofers & Home Theatre Speaker Packages.

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