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  • Plinius - Hautonga - Integrated Amplifier

    Taking integrated refinement to a new level, the Hautonga is an amplifier that has set new standards for performance, ease of use and reliability. The rear panel has five line...
  • Plinius - Inspire 880 - Integrated Amplifier

    This versatile 80 watt per channel integrated amplifier goes a step further than traditional integrated products and gives you enhanced listening from almost any source. The Inspire 880 will accept...
  • Plinius - Koru - Phono Preamplifier

    Both Single Ended and Balanced Output signals are catered for and with passive high frequency and active low frequency equalisation the Koru Phono Preamplifier will maintain stability and finesse no...
  • Plinius - Inspire 980 - Integrated Amplifier

    The 80 watt per channel Inspire 980 has all the versatility of the Inspire 880 that allows you to directly connect up almost any source from a CD player, your...
  • Plinius - RM10 - Preamplifier

    Everything about the Reference M-10 preamplifier demonstrates Plinius’ relentless quest for designs that reveal all the detail in your music, delivered in sophisticated styling that gets your attention. Years of...
  • Plinius - A-300 - Power Amplifier

    Plinius has always had a reputation for building pure powerful amplifiers that will drive any speaker, are built to last and look simply stunning. The Reference A-300 continues that great...
  • Plinius - Toko - Digital Audio Player - TOKO-BLACK Australia Brisbane Plinius - Toko - Digital Audio Player - TOKO-BLACK Australia Brisbane
    On Sale

    Plinius - Toko - Digital Audio Player

    With distinctive styling, benchmark build quality and stunning sound the Toko is a great addition to the other traditional components in your music system. The quality CD slot loading transport...
  • Plinius - Tiki - Digital Network Player

    With distinctive styling, benchmark build quality and stunning sound the Tiki is a great addition to the other traditional components in your music system. Whether you have a dedicated audio...
  • Plinius - Tautoro - Preamplifier

    Ideally of course it mates beautifully with Plinius' top range of power amps. Designed to support Plinius' top end power amplifiers, the Tautoro Preamplifier has a comprehensive array of inputs...
    From $9,495.00
  • Plinius - SB 301 - Power Amplifier

    This amplifier delivers all the dynamics, finesse and transparency that Plinius is renowned for. Like all Plinius products it is very reliable and will rise to the challenge of difficult...
  • Plinius - SA-Reference - Reference Power Amplifier

    Designed to work as either a monoblock, or a stereo amplifier. They are truly a masterpiece of design and they display the very best craftsmanship in their build quality. Designed...
  • Plinius - SA 103 - Power Amplifier

    These units are at the top of the Plinius range, sitting right under the SA Reference amplifier. With responsiveness and control they faithfully support your speakers as they seek to...
  • Plinius - P10 - Power Amplifier

    True high-end performance The P10 has a level of sophistication rarely found in such a cost effective product. This amplifier has separate input and driver stage power supply regulation and...
  • Plinius - Odeon - Power Amplifier

    When released at CES Las Vegas the Odeon stole the show. Big and beautiful, this unit is not something you hide away in a cabinet. Designed to respond to a...
  • Plinius - Mauri - CD Player

    Each Mauri comes with its own high quality remote control but if you run a complete Plinius system the Mauri does not need its own specialised remote. The Mauri CD...
  • Plinius - Kiokio - Power Amplifier

    Its modern slim line design graces any audio system cabinet when used for dedicated two channel audio. Designed for 19U rack installation the KioKio was developed for the professional audio...
  • Plinius - Kaitaki - Line Level Preamplifier

    The optional adjustable phono stage model allows enjoyment of vinyl at a sophisticated level without the need to purchase a specialised phono preamplifier. Visible controls on the Kaitaki are the...
    From $5,995.00
  • Plinius - Hiato - Integrated Amplifier

    If you are looking for an integrated amplifier solution in your music system but you don't want to sacrifice the benefits that true, well controlled power can bring then this...
    From $9,995.00

Plinius: The Heart of Music

For more than three decades, Plinius have created and crafted amplifiers of distinction that bring enjoyment to music lovers all over the world. 

Aussie HiFi, experts in audio, are proud to stock the full range of products from this New Zealand company. They, like us, hold quality sound reproduction at the heart of everything they do.

You can trust a Plinius system to get you into true high fidelity listening.

The Plinius Product Range as stocked by Aussie HiFi 

Power Amplifiers: SA-Reference, SA-103, SB-301 and P10

Plinius offer an extended range of power amps to drive even the trickiest speakers comfortably and deliver a great listening experience. Years of customer research and feedback, combined with their design expertise, have resulted in products that deliver pure distortion-free amplification. 

There is a Plinius Power Amplifier to suit your needs, from the top-of-the-range Class A Reference unit, boasting high current delivery, right through to the understated Class AB series.

Integrated Amplifiers: Hiato, Hautonga, Inspire 880 and 980 

These units have a smaller footprint, with both the preamp and power amp stages incorporated into the same chassis, but they fill a special niche in many great systems. Plinius' range builds on their solid reputation for integrated amplifiers with award-winning units that are capable of driving any speakers. The integrated range boasts a simple elegance and very stylish finish, making the units an attractive addition to any listening space. 

Preamplifiers: Tautoro, Kaitaki

Plinius' well established and reliable preamp circuit designs work hard to ensure your power amplifier is presented with a clean signal, free of distortion.

A critical component at the start of the amplification journey, these units manage the delicate source signals as well as functioning as a control centre for your whole system. Plinius' excellence at this stage sets your system up for faithfully reproducing the sound of the original artist.

Home Theatre: KioKio

Plinius audio amplification is integral to some of the best home theatres in the world, allowing speakers to produce their widest and deepest sound. Clear and accurate audio delivery is critical in this environment for faithful voice, music and soundtrack reproduction in full volume, without distortion, in order to fully impact on the audience. 

Professional installers demand reliability and Plinius delivers this, with high quality components seated in robust electronic designs, giving a five star rating every time. 

Phono Stages: Koru

For those listeners who love their vinyl, the Plinius phono stage, Koru, won't disappoint. Award-winning technology, it protects the tiny signal produced by a record cartridge to bring the listening experience to life for traditional audiophiles.  Phono stage options are also available in Plinius' integrated and preamplifier ranges. 

Digital Source Components:

            Tiki Digital Network Player

            Toko Digital Audio Player

            Mauri CD player

            Arataki Network Audio Controller 

Plinius' source components complement their amplifier ranges to help you realise your system's full potential. Their CD and Network players feature Plinius' respected 192DAC technology and the Arataki iPad app can be used for controlling the players as well as organising your stored media. 

About the Company

Established in 1980, Plinius' early vision was simply to deliver excellence in hi-fi sound to the New Zealand market. Now fully international, they have expanded that noble goal to the rest of the world with New Zealand pride.

Manufacturing and Production

Employing young designers and engineers, Plinius believe, instils energy, innovation and life into their products. Proximity of departments at their Christchurch site ensures all aspects work coherently to fulfil their corporate ideals. 

Interestingly, their production facility also supports businesses in the medical, laboratory, photographic and GPS fields. 


Aussie Hi Fi is proud to supply and support this fine New Zealand company's products. With a young approach to a relatively old market, Plinius’ products are always fresh and exciting and our customers easily find something within the range to suit their listening style. 

Come and view their beautifully crafted music systems in the comfort of our Aussie HiFi showroom and experience the great sound of Plinius.

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