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  • Sonos - Connect:Amp - Wireless Amplifier

    ***Product of the Year 2012*** ***Best Wireless Music System 2012*** - Smarthouse Smart Awards Best Home Audio Streaming 2010 - Gizmodo Editor's choice for Best Home Entertainment Device 2009 -...
  • Sonos - Playbar - Wireless Sound Bar

    Are you sick of trying to hear your new flat screen tv, voices are all muddy and when you do turn it up all you get is louder noise with...
  • Sonos - SUB - Wireless Subwoofer

    - Give your Sonos speakers a deep boost of bass. - No wiring. No programming. Press one button and your app does the rest. - Experience ultra-deep, soul-shaking boom with...
  • Sonos - Playbar Bracket

     Bracket for Sonos' Playbar.
  • Sonos - Playbase - Wireless Speaker

    Two-in-one. Full-theatre sound for your TV. Streams music, too. Low profile design that practically disappears. Sound you just can't miss. Securely supports TVs up to 77 lbs. Simple two-cord set...
  • Sonos - Boost

      Unparalleled wireless reliability typically found in large offices and corporate campuses. No skips, delays or drops even in homes with wireless problems Comparable broadcast strength to expensive enterprise-grade routers...

Sonos Wireless Music Speaker Systems

Aussie Hi Fi is an Official Australian Sonos Dealer. We stock the complete range including the popular Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5 models.

Sonos is an innovative wireless speaker brand that has complete range of wireless speaker systems that enable you to listen to and control music from any room, wirelessly.

Sonos systems use your home or business' Wi-Fi to stream music from your favourite streaming service, NAS (Network Attached Storage), or other devices connected directly to a Sonos Connect. Sonos and third-party developers have developed iOS, Android, Mac OSX & Windows apps to enable you to stream easily from your various devices and control your entire Sonos system. Sonos allows you to connect to multiple streaming services like Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud + more. If you're an avid music-lover like us, you have a collosal range of music at your fingertips to choose from and stream to any room with your Sonos speaker(s).

Without a doubt, one of the best features of a Sonos system is that you can play various songs simultaneously in different rooms. You could be listening to your favourite Daft Punk track while the kids are checking out the latest from Taylor Swift! It's a truly versatile audio system that will change the way you and your family enjoys music.

Having one simple application on a Tablet, Phone or Computer allows you to bring all of your music together in one place, even if it's across various mediums like a Hard Drive, Streaming service or on your iTunes.

All of these features are great, but they're nothing without sound quality, and Sonos exceeds expectations in this area. The sound is detailed, clear and surprisingly powerful, with enough bass to fill a room. Whether you're using Sonos' Soundbar to enhance your favourite TV shows, or to make verbal dialogue on the news and current affairs programs more audible, you're sure to fall in love with this versatile system.

One of the biggest issues with any sound system is room acoustics. Thankfully, Sonos has an easy to use application called Trueplay, that measures the acoustics in any room. Trueplay will analyse and then recalibrate settings on your Sonos system to ensure the best sound possible. This becomes hugely important when you find yourself putting a Sonos speaker in various types of rooms.

Forget illegal downloads, or ripping CDs, you can stream all of your music straight from iTunes, Hard Drives, Network Attached Storage devices, and streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. This means that you can listen to any song on demand, provided you have an active internet/Wi-Fi connection.

If you're not sure what to listen to, or would rather not spend your time playlisting songs or choosing what song or artist to play next, you can tune into over 100,000 local and international radio stations. This feature is perfect for a Friday night or for when you want to discover new music.

Sonos' wireless music systems aren't just for basic setups; they can be joint together to create the ultimate 3.1 or 5.1 home theatre systems. This means you can forget running cables under the carpet or up the walls to reach those back speakers.

To purchase, please call 1300 308 711 or email - Sonos products aren't available for purchase online within Australia from any Official Sonos Dealers.

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