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  • Polk Audio - FXi A4 - Two-way Bipole / Dipole Effects Speakers - FXIA4 Australia Brisbane Polk Audio - FXi A4 - Two-way Bipole / Dipole Effects Speakers - FXIA4 Australia Brisbane
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    Polk Audio - FXi A4 - Two-way Bipole / Dipole Effects Speakers

    F/XiA4 Features:The trapezoidal shaped cabinets aim the drivers and tweeters in opposing directions to produce a more realistically diffuse wavefront and wide, lifelike imaging of surround sound. Keyhole slots make...
  • Polk Audio - OWM 3 - LCR Surround Speakers

    OWM3 Features: More versatile mounting options than any other loudspeaker, with a modular, removable, switch-around base and built-in keyhole slots. Mounting Options: 1. Angled wall mount 2. Corner mount 3....
  • Jamo - C9SUR - Surround Speakers - C9SUR Australia Brisbane Jamo - C9SUR - Surround Speakers - C9SUR Australia Brisbane
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    Jamo - C9SUR - Surround Speakers

    Design The aesthetic of Jamo's flagship Concert Series was envisioned by Kieron Dunk, world-renowned industrial designer. Concert Series' beautiful exteriors house high-performance drivers, acoustically tuned to provide open, transparent playback...
  • MK Sound - LCR-750 - LCR Speaker - LCR-750 Australia Brisbane MK Sound - LCR-750 - LCR Speaker - LCR-750 Australia Brisbane
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    MK Sound - LCR-750 - LCR Speaker

    Flat on-axis and off-axis response is achieved by careful analysis of the speaker’s response in both the time and frequency domains at various angles in both the vertical and horizontal...
  • MK Sound - LCR-950 - LCR Speaker

    Crucial to the consistency and seamless surround sound field generated by the 950 system, front and rear speakers employ the same innovative drivers, crossover components and technologies. Optimised System Performance...
  • MK Sound - S-150 MKII - LCR Speaker

    For the first time since its introduction nearly 15 years ago, the S-150 has been updated in every aspect, from driver technologies to crossover design to cabinet tuning and construction....
  • MK Sound - SUR-95T - Tripole Surround Speakers

    Features: DAB, DAB+ and FM 10 Station Presets RDS FM Tuner Bluetooth Playback Large Vivid Display Rarely will you find a DAB/DAB+/FM Tuner of this quality. The Johnson & Mitchell...
  • Jamo - C10SUR - Surround Speakers - C10SUR Australia Brisbane Jamo - C10SUR - Surround Speakers - C10SUR Australia Brisbane
    On Sale

    Jamo - C10SUR - Surround Speakers

    The C 10 SUR is a 2-way sealed surround speaker using two 6-inch woofers and two 1-inch decoupled tweeters to deliver remarkably accurate sound. The aesthetic of Jamo's flagship Concert...
  • MK Sound - M-4T - Compact Tripole Surround Speakers

    Combining a direct-radiator speaker (front-mounted drivers) with a dipole speaker (side-mounted drivers) in the same cabinet and utilizing MK SOUND's proprietary Phase-Focused™ Crossover, the M-4T Tripole® design provides extraordinarily even...
  • MK Sound - M-5 - Compact LCR Speaker

    Based on the same advanced proprietary crossover and driver technologies as the taller M-7, the M-5 satellite utilizes a single 4 ” bass/midrange unit with cast basket to achieve sound...
  • MK Sound - M-7 - LCR Speaker

    The compact cabinet and distinctive metal mesh grille make the M-7 a stylish addition to any living space for critical or informal listening. The delicate sonic transparency and tremendous dynamic...
  • MK Sound - MP-150 MKII - On-wall LCR Speaker

    It is a state-of-the-art monitor that uses the identical components found in the S150 THX. This means that you will experience the same quality of sound heard in recording studios...
  • MK Sound - MP-300 - On-wall LCR Speaker

    High Performance Wall Mount Recognizing a growing demand for a high level of audio performance from an unobtrusive, decorator friendly enclosure, M&K Sound offers a shallower, wall-mount version of the S300. By significally reducing the...
  • MK Sound - MP-7 - Shallow-depth LCR Speaker

    By significantly reducing the depth of the M7 cabinet and revising its overall dimensions to ensure no loss of internal volume, M&K Sound has created an elegant, discrete on-wall monitor...
  • MK Sound - S-300 - LCR Speaker

    The compact cabinet of S300 Series The S300 Series employs a complex, box-inside- a-box construction with a non- resonant layer of tar joining the two cabinets to provide constrained layer damping. The S300...
  • MK Sound - SS-150T - Tripole Surround Speakers

    Increase the localization By combining the diffuse nature of a dipole loudspeaker with a monopole direct radiating source to increase localization and image specificity, S150T Mk2 Exploits the virtues of...
  • MK Sound - SS-300T - Tripole Surround Speakers

    Crystal-Clear Sound The crystal-clear resolution of the subtlest nuances and micro-details of voices, instruments and effects and, crucially, the holographic rendering of the ambience of the recording space draw you further in, immerse...
  • MK Sound - SUR-55T - Tripole Surround Speakers

    Even Distribution of Sound Combined with the front-mounted 1” soft-dome tweeter and 5.25” polypropylene mid-woofer direct radiating configuration (the same drivers as in the LCR-750 and Centre 750), the Tripole®...
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