Davone - Mojo - Omni-Directional Speakers

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Room filling sound.

The big problem with most small speakers is that they sound small. Just 30 cm tall, the Mojo’s have a habit of repeatedly defying expectations, by projecting a soundstage as big and spacious as large floorstanding loudspeakers. Indeed, instead of putting the band in your room, the Mojo’s put you inside the recording venue. Position it with care and you will be repaid with a tangible soundstage that presents music with startling presence.

360° cross over The Mojo cross over plays an integral part in obtaining 360 degrees dispersion over the entire frequency range. Through careful schematic design and component quality selection, it divides and balances the sound to woofer and tweeter to make optimal use of both the natural and aided dispersion of both drivers. Powerfull bass Thanks to the very low cross over point, Mojo can use a woofer optimised for low frequency reproduction only. Mounted invisible in the bottom, the woofer features a massive 33mm voice coil with a maximum deflection of 22mm peak-peak. The downward firing reflex conduct furthermore makes it easy to place Mojo in the listening environment.

Dispersion cone The dispersion cone sits directly over the up-firing 3” full range neodymium magnet driver. By carefull acoustic design of shape and dimensions, the dispersion cone complements the natural dispersion of the driver at higher frequencies. Together, driver and reflector obtain 360° dispersion.

By placing the Mojo on the dedicated stand, the sound quality will be improved. Especially the bass range and imaging will become better defined due to the larger distance from the floor. After removal of the three feet, the Mojo can be bolted directly onto the stand. The added mass will further improve the bass range, and with the large and heavy baseplate, the stand is firm. M6 spikes can be added in the baseplate to futher improve grip tp the floor, and the loudspeaker cable can be channeled through the vertical tube.
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Frequency response40 - 20.000 Hz (in room)Impedance4 ohm, 2.6 ohm minimum at 55HzSensitivity86 dB/2,83V/mMax power80 W (IEC 18.3)SubWoofer5 1/4" subwoofer, Xmax 22mm peak-peakTweeter3" loaded with volume seperate from woofer neodymium magnetCross over200 HzSystemBass reflexCabinet6 layer vacuum shaped veneerWeight4,5kg / piece
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