Dynaudio - Centrebase 2 - Centre Speaker Stand

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Paragraph The Dynaudio Centre Base2 incorporates a massive, 40 mm thick plinth that also integrates an intelligently conceived aluminium adjustment mechanism that allows one to precisely set any dispersion angle of the speaker cabinet as a whole - either upwards or downwards - anywhere between 10 degrees in either direction.

The complete construction allows a perfect sonic integration and placement of the centre channel into any home cinema setup, regardless of whether the speaker is to be placed above or below the screen and independent of the height of the centre or the screen.

The Centre Base2 was derived from the integrated module fitted to the Dynaudio Confidence Centre model. It features a concealed spike assembly similar to that used in the bases of the Dynaudio Contour and Confidence floor standing models, adding further resonance damping as well as the possibility to adjust for precise leveling from the top.

The Centre Base2 is an ideal complement to the Contour S CX, and two units can be used together to support the Evidence Platinum Centre model and further optimise the incredible dispersion character of this loudspeaker.
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Technical Specifications Dimensions (W x H x D): 13.8 x 3.1 x 9.8” Adjustable pitch: -10 deg to +10 deg
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