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The inherently great thing about headphones is that you can listen to your tunes anywhere and everywhere. Jamming while strolling down the street, drowning out the crowd while you commute, or making that looooong flight seem just a bit shorter – your headphones are there for you to make everyday life better. But the whole point is to listen to what you want, and ignore everything else, so what do you do about that street noise that creeps in, the crowd that’s just too loud, and, worst of all, that deafening and constant airplane noise?

Enter noise cancelling headphones – quite possibly the best invention known to isolation-craving lovers of sound. Headphones used to only use simple noise isolation, which simply created a seal to block outside noise from getting in. But now we have active noise-cancelling technology, which use microphones to pick up outside noise and actually generate a counter-signal to keep your ears from hearing it. That’s the simple explanation of this almost magical technology. In fact, we bet the first time you try out a pair of good noise cancelling headphones, you’ll get all wide-eyed and just sit there listening to the silence.

Noise cancellation technology requires more power, and generally comes with a bit of a heftier price tag, but once you’ve experienced the world-of-one creating power of noise cancellation, you won’t think twice about ever going back. They work exceptionally well in places with low frequency, steady noise (like that soul-crushing airplane drone).

You have to make sure to get a quality pair of these kinds of headphones though. The market is rife with low quality ones that don’t do a good job of cancelling sound. We only carry ones that we feel perform spectacularly, like the RHA MA 750i.

If you’ve got questions about how they work, what to buy, or you want to try a pair in person, just give us a call or come on by our Camp Hill store!

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