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Arcam - AVR750 - AV Receiver - AVR750 Australia Brisbane

Arcam - AVR750 - AV Receiver

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Developing an industry reputation for world-class audiophile performance, Arcam is one of the world's most sought-after AV Receiver manufacturer for Home Theatre purists. The Arcam 750, Top of the Range AVR is no exception and is sought by many of these purists. The AVR750 is a finely honed, technically superior and world-class AV Receiver, perfect for home theatre installs and enthusiasts.

Offering sound quality that can't be found in competing receivers, Arcam's AVR750 is a true audiophile-grade product. The AVR shines with two-channel music, and Arcam has stated that it designed it to provide an uncoloured 2-channel experience, that meant when it came to the home theatre performance, the AVR750 provided a dash of realism that's unmatched. No matter if you're listening to your favourite music, or relaxing with the latest Hollywood-blockbusters, the AVR750 will always deliver.

Possible the finest-ever power amplifiers seen in an AV Receiver are included, which delivers an incredibly clean and immersive sound while being able to effortlessly power some of the most demanding speakers available.

You would expect to see the AVR750 in dedicated home theatre cinema rooms, but could easily be used in a multitude of situations and environments.

The Arcam AVR includes 4k Ultra HD and 3D Video capabilities and can be scaled to any resolution where required. A fully integrated FM / DAB / DAB+ tuner is provided with access to radio stations across the world via a network connection. Supporting UPnP audio servers, you'll never run out of content to stream. In addition to UPnP, you can connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad directly via the USB port.

For cinema installations, controlling the AVR750 is made easy with the inclusion of Ethernet, IR control, RS232 and 12V Triggers.

The Arcam AVR750 is for the home theatre purist, the type of purist who only wants the best sound and best visual experience.

Weight (packed) - 20.0kg

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