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Astell & Kern - AK JR - Digital Audio Player - AK-JR Australia Brisbane

Astell & Kern - AK JR - Digital Audio Player


The Astell & Kern AK Jr digital audio player provides the luxury of listening to high-quality audio at any time, wherever you are, at an extremely affordable cost. With an elegant slim and lightweight design, it fits into your pocket with ease. The body of the audio player is made of smooth aluminium and has a grooved volume wheel that can be easily adjusted with one hand.

The LCD touch screen with a sharp resolution enables you to use various features of the audio player through the efficient and elegant user interface, comparable to a high-end smartphone experience. The responsive user interface provides a simplified and pleasant way to work with the sophisticated audio features. You can organize your music swiftly with drag and drop features and list them with playlists, album, artists, etc.

Popular music formats are supported including MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, etc. And it also supports playback of the DSD audio format as well, which will be a very popular format for high quality music in the future.

The AK Jr can also be used to play music from your PC or Mac with high resolution audio quality and does not require an internal sound card in your PC or Mac. The player can be connected to your PC or Mac with a data cable through the micro USB slot provided. It can also be connected through the Bluetooth feature. It supports Windows (XP and above) and Mac OS X (10.7 and above).

AK Jr comes with an internal memory capacity of 64 GB. It also has the provision for you to add a 64 GB external microSD. With an overall memory capacity of 128 GB, you can carry your favourite music with you wherever you go. It can also be used as a storage device when connected to a PC or Mac. It can be connected to the micro USB port provided or by the advanced Bluetooth 4.0.

Astell & Kern's AK Jr supports a variety of headphones and earphones and has a 14% higher output level than the previous version of the AK100 player. Also, the output impedance for AK Jr has been reduced to 2 Ohms. Since AK Jr provides a higher output with low impedance, an extra amplifier is not required for most headphones / IEMs.

The AKJR is powered by a rechargeable high capacity 3.7V Li - Polymer battery and can play 8 hours of high-resolution audio. The battery can be charged through the micro USB port provided. All the amazing features in AK Jr are efficiently designed and engineered and hence makes it the ultimate modern audio device.

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