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Astell & Kern - CD Ripper - AK-RIPPER Australia Brisbane

Astell & Kern - CD Ripper

Hate the sound of MP3 streaming quality? Why not convert your CD collection into WAV or FLAC files for the ultimate way to easily enjoy your collection. You can connect...

Hate the sound of MP3 streaming quality? Why not convert your CD collection into WAV or FLAC files for the ultimate way to easily enjoy your collection. You can connect the Astell & Kern CD Ripper directly to the AK380, AK 240, AK120 II or AK100 and easily begin storing your CD collection in full-resolution with a touch of a button.

The Astell & Kern CD Ripper used the 'Perfect Extractor' that was found in the highly regarded AK500N. The CD Ripper also features the Error Correction capabilities that are found in the AK500N.

In addition to accurately copying data from your CD, the Astell & Kern player will automatically write important metadata using Gracenote servers. This will ensure your music ripped from CDs will have the most current and relevant information added, Making it easy to find what you're looking for once it has been ripped to your Astell & Kern player.

The Astell & Kern CD Ripper's options can be preset to your desired setting. The ripper will remember the setting and allow you to rip future CDs with one touch of a button.

You're not buying the CD Ripper to enjoy copying your CDs... You're getting it so you can quickly get the CDs you want, on your player. The Astell & Kern does a great job of this by allowing quality CD ripping at a touch of a button. Add to this the connection with Gracenote servers and you will save hours upon hours, if not days, maybe weeks... backing up your collection.

Depending on the quality you're after, you can set the Astell & Kern CD Ripper to different ripping speed settings including Normal, Fast & Very Fast. You can also choose your preferred format (WAV or FLAC).

The A&K CD Ripper doesn't just perform well, it also looks great and blends with other Astell & Kern devices. Taking CD Ripping to the next level, Astell & Kern have introduced a damping system to minimise errors that can occur during CD ripping, ensuring the ultimate in quality and replication.

If you have a question regarding the CD Ripper, please call us on 1300 308 711, purchase online or visit us at our Brisbane store at Camp Hill.

Model: PEM14 / AK CD-RIPPER Body Color: Meteoric TitanBody Material: AluminumDimensions: 5.87"(149.1 mm)[W] x 5.92"(150.5 mm)[H] x 1.42"(36.3 mm)[D]Weight: 27.86oz (790g)CD Ripping Audio Format: WAV, FLAC

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