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Devialet - 250 - Integrated Amplifier

Used in Stereo mode, the Devialet 250 provides 250 Watts per channel, a power base that allows it to master any loudspeaker. Incredibly, the Devialet 250 also offers the audio...

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Used in Stereo mode, the Devialet 250 provides 250 Watts per channel, a power base that allows it to master any loudspeaker. Incredibly, the Devialet 250 also offers the audio market's highest fidelity signal (THD+N 0,001%). Successor to the iconic Devialet D-Premier, the Devialet 250 is protected by a high-capacity, heat-diffusing chassis, wrought from a single piece of gently curved, hand-polished metal. By itself, the Devialet 250 is an unparalleled stereo system. Now, imagine even more! What if we told you that your Devialet 250 can be configured in the shape of a 800W mono-block with a dual mono, quad mono, or even a daisy-chain of up to eight machines for out-of-this-world home cinema or multi-amplification systems. Sounds like tech-fiction? With the Devialet 250, it's tech-reality. THE BEST PERFORMANCES EVER RECORDED Shortest signal path in the world (less than 4 inches between the DAC and the speakers output connectors): lossless by design. Unequalled Signal/Noise ratio (> 130 dB): abyssal silence, emotional power, the music emerges from nothingness. Harmonic distortion barely measurable (0,001%): absolute fidelity of instrumental timbres and sonorities. Intermodulation distortion equally barely measurable (0,001%): seizing realism of soundstage (separation and placing of instruments). Thermal distortion non measurable: very natural fast variations of dynamics (impacts, resonances).
Revolutionary ADH® amplification technologyAIR® streamer cardEVO® platformSAM® technology Maximum power 250W per channel or 800W in monoblockDaisy chaining of up to 8 units for active multi-amplification Digital/Analog Converter « Magic Wire » 192kHz / 24bitsHighly-configurable audiophile phono stage Switched-mode power supply 600W continuous, 3000W peakDigital Signal Processor 192kHz / 40bits floating-pointFully-configurable Inputs / OutputsSubwoofer output with active crossove Configurable headphones preamplifierDigitalization of vinylExclusive chrome-plated aluminium chassis, entirely hand-polishedRadio-Frequency long-range remote control Controllable by smartphone apps (iOS and Android)Horizontal or vertical positioning100 % Made in France5 years international warranty Network input (Wifi or Ethernet) for universal streamer Devialet AIR (fully compatible Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices)Asynchronous USB input (fully compatible Mac and PC)Up to 2 analog inputs (line level or advanced phono MM / MC)Up to 4 digital coaxial inputs Digital AES/EBU input2 optical inputs (TOS and TOS mini)Pre-amplified analog mono output (for active subwoofer)Pre-amplified analog stereo output (for headphones) Digital coaxial output (for digitalization of vinyl)Speakers output 2x250W or 1x800W
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