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Devialet - 250 Slave - Integrated Amplifier - 250-SLAVE Australia Brisbane

Devialet - 250 Slave - Integrated Amplifier

For those who want the best without wanting the biggest, Devialet have come up with the ultimate: the D-250 stereo and the massively powerful D-800 dual monos. Employing the same...
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For those who want the best without wanting the biggest, Devialet have come up with the ultimate: the D-250 stereo and the massively powerful D-800 dual monos. Employing the same curved, hand-polished aluminium enclosure as the original D-Premier which they replace, the new models come in the same beautiful black chrome finish as the D-120 and D-200. But it’s what you can’t see that is important, and here Devialet have made many improvements to the innovative technology that in the D-Premier reinvented the concept of high end audio. At the heart of all models is the breakthrough ADH technology (Analogue Digital Hybrid) pioneered in the D-Premier which operates in tandem with two pure Class A amplifiers with current supplied by eight digital power amplifiers. As before, all software upgrades are free and user-implemented via an SD card, and custom configurations can be made online. The D-250 can drive a huge variety of loudspeaker to the limits of performance - even ones with difficult loads - and bristles with every possible Devialet feature. These include coax, AES/ EBU and optical digital inputs, an advanced and almost infinitely configurable phono stage, streamer board, plus Ethernet and USB inputs for those who prefer hard-wiring to wi-fi. The only better way to listen to music the Devialet way is to take the dual mono route. Two Devialets, with the slave unit being a stripped-down D-250, deliver a massive 800 Watts into 8 Ohms with the lowest distortion figures in the world. For those who want to go even further, it is possible to daisy-chain up to eight units. But have existing owners of the D-Premier been left out in the cold? Far from it: Devialet’s promise has always been a Devialet for life. All online upgrades will continue to be available, while those who want to take the dual mono route can mix a D-Premier and a D-250, as the two units have exactly the same specs and are totally compatible with each other in performance. And, as a bonus, two factory upgrade stages are available for the D-Premier at very attractive prices. The first is an update to the connectivity with an appropriate circuit board change, while the second is a full-blown replacement of all circuitry - and this carries an as-new five- year warranty. It’s true: a Devialet does not become obsolete.
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