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Duevel - Venus - Omni-Directional Speakers - VENUS-BUCHE Australia Brisbane

Duevel - Venus - Omni-Directional Speakers

The Venus measures just under 1 m tall and is in three sections. Starting at the bottom, there is first the six-sided (to reduce internal standing waves) rear-ported bass enclosure, at the top of which is an 8" carbon-fiber woofer. The woofer fires up into a flying-saucer-shaped sound radiator of beautifully finished wood; this disperses the sound evenly over 360 degrees. The radiator is suspended on six narrow, cylindrical metal posts above the woofer, and sits closer to, but still a distance from, the soft-dome tweeter, which is connected to the radiator by another six posts and fires down into the radiator. The radiator is shaped slightly differently on top and bottom to reflect the differences in the sound waves from woofer and tweeter. The Venus’s impedance is listed as 4 ohms, its sensitivity as 88dB. Each speaker has a single pair of binding posts. Plastic they may be, but I found them a joy to use, with no apparent adverse sonic consequences. The speaker has rubber feet.
If you like music and you have an open mind, you may well fall in love with the Duevel Venus. It makes music -- not only in a way that will seduce the music lover, but also in ways that can please more than a handful of them, at the same time and in the same room.
The Duevel speakers are fully imported models made in Germany so you can be assured of the finest quality and performance possible.
Woofer Carbon-fibre cone Diameter: 22cm Ferrimagnet: 110mm Mid/High frequency Textile dome: 34mm Ferritmagnet: 100mm Phase Linear crossover Impedance: 4 Ohm Sensitivity: 88 dB SPL Power handling: 100 W RMS Beamwidth ±3dB: 40...20kHz Dimentions (W x D x H): 280mm x 260mm x 970mm Weight: 20kg

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