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Dynaudio - Evidence Master - Floor Standing Speakers

The Evidence Master represents a milestone in State-of-the-Art loudspeaker technology and has set new standards in performance and product design while featuring future proof open-architecture. Unusual is its modular construction:...
The Evidence Master represents a milestone in State-of-the-Art loudspeaker technology and has set new standards in performance and product design while featuring future proof open-architecture. Unusual is its modular construction: The Evidence Master is comprising of three individual sections. The two - technically identical - upper and lower sections house the bass drive units, while the middle section contains the midrange and treble drive units and the crossover, the latter which is further isolated within its own individual compartment. This construction offers a tremendous performance advantage, as each section can be optimised for the differing requirements of precise bass, midrange and high frequency reproduction. The middle section features a massive CNC-machined solid aluminium baffle which houses two special Dynaudio MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone midrange drivers and two perfectly matched and meticulously selected Dynaudio coated soft-dome tweeters. The elegant design of the aluminium baffle is a direct result of geometric optimization for absolutely perfect sound dispersion. The mechanical properties of aluminium, in conjunction with the mass of the middle section guarantee perfect resonance control – reproduction of high frequencies remains completely uncolored so even the finest musical details are precisely resolved. At the heart of the Evidence Master is the crossover. Contained within the aluminium middle section in its own sub-compartment, it is completely shielded from acoustic vibrations. The extreme technical level of the crossover can barely be described: The use of only the very best, carefully selected components, together with its sophisticated open-architecture is a direct reflection of the Evidence’s lofty aspirations. It was therefore only logical that the crossover would have its own chapter in this brochure. The upper and lower cabinet sections are both crafted from High Density Fiberboard to provide the ideal foundation for the four high performance bass drive units. These two compact cabinets house the woofers and provide a much more stable and resonance-free environment as compared to what a single, large cabinet would yield. At the same time the cabinet wall’s multi-layer sandwich construction ensures perfect energy absorption and resonance damping. Each woofer’s die-cast aluminium basket is secured to the HDF cabinet by no less than twelve screws. The resulting stability allows for ultra precise, extremely dynamic and incredibly deep bass response even at very high volume levels. The Evidence Master was the world’s first loudspeaker to employ the innovative DDC technology: With DDC (Dynaudio Directivity Control), all drive units are positioned in a vertically symmetric array and through painstaking frequency spectrum allocation to each driver, undesirable floor and ceiling reflections - which would negatively impact the sound - are kept to an absolute minimum. The DDC integration allows the Evidence Master’s authentic and faithful music reproduction to shine through in virtually any room. The Evidence design underscores the superior technological realization yet at the same time fascinates with its elegantly slender styling – pure Scandinavian industrial design courtesy of Frederick Rickman. The finest grade, hand-selected wood veneer finish of the upper and lower bass modules complements the refined piano black lacquer side panels of the middle section completely. The Evidence Master enjoys reference status world-wide while continuing to captivate music lovers with its unmatched musical fidelity. And this will always be the case: By virtue of its modular open-architecture framework, new innovations can easily be integrated into the Evidence Master to ensure that it will never be technically outdated or obsolete. Enduring technology, enduring elegance and enduring exclusivity – hallmarks of the Evidence Master. At the heart of the timeless elegance of the Evidence Temptation lies the EvidenceTechnology concept, enfolded in an alluring slim cabinet. The Evidence Temptation makes it possible to achieve sonic perfection while offering optimal integration into any living room. Similar to the uncompromising modular construction of the Evidence Master, the bass, mid, and treble drive units as well as the crossover are mechanically isolated from each other in order to perfect every minute detail to realize the highest sonic performance level possible. As the Evidence Temptation is more compact in its overall dimensions, its cabinet does not necessitate three individual sections. Two MSP cone midrange drivers and two soft-dome tweeters are integrated in the middle section which itself is manufactured from solid, CNC-machined aluminium. This material’s attributes together with its specifically rounded sides ensures uniform and uncolored sound dispersion. The completely transparent and relaxed reproduction of the highest frequencies provides an accurate sonic experience. The tweeters’ fine soft domes are each protected by an acoustically neutral slim titanium bar. The elaborate crossover is also protected. To counteract any sonic resonance, a separate compartment isolates and provides the perfect mechanical and thermal environment for the carefully assembled and close-tolerance selected crossover components. In addition, the compartment is passively ventilated at the back so that even at continuous high volume levels and during extreme transients the crossover components always remain within a safe operating temperature range. To implement Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC), the woofer cabinets are positioned directly above and below the mid- and high frequency driver middle section, which serves to also house the crossover. Thus, due to the slim cabinet, the Evidence Temptation integrates perfectly into any living room while captivating with its naturally faithful rendition of even the most demanding music recording. The exclusive use of superior materials of the highest grade provides the finishing touch to the design of the Evidence Temptation: carefully selected wood veneers, fine piano lacquer and machined aluminium traced by soft curved lines round this loudspeaker off to give its timeless form. Please contact us directly on 1300 308711 to confirm suitability for your exact requirements and pricing etc. We are very happy to assist in any manor that we can and want to ensure that you get the very best advice and service when buying such quality loudspeakers. Please note that high gloss black speakers are at an additional cost to the standard finishes of Rosewood and Maple.
Technical Specifications Sensitivity: 92 dB IEC Power Handling: >600 W Impedance: 4 Ohms Frequency Response: 27 Hz - 26 kHz (3 dB)Box Principle: 3-way bass-reflexCrossover Frequency: 400 Hz / 2500 HzWeight: 135.0 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.4/17.7 x 80.7 x 22.8”
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