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Dynaudio - Focus 380 - Floor Standing Speakers

The Focus 380 is a most impressive loudspeaker representing the flagship of the Focus range. Two extra-large 20 cm woofers featuring ultra-rigid die-cast aluminium baskets operate in tandem in a...
The Focus 380 is a most impressive loudspeaker representing the flagship of the Focus range. Two extra-large 20 cm woofers featuring ultra-rigid die-cast aluminium baskets operate in tandem in a large cabinet volume to guarantee the utmost deep bass extension and low frequency performance. Especially in larger rooms, a precise balance between high, mid and low frequency ranges is imperative – and the Focus 380 is ideally suited for this task. The mid/woofer and woofer cones utilize the proprietary MSP material in order to achieve a seamless sonic integration, while Dynaudio’s finest soft dome tweeter design is employed to reproduce the high frequencies: The Esotar². The overall musical performance is stunning: The Focus 380 is rich in detail, high in resolution but smooth in the high frequencies; open and precise in the midrange, and powerful and absolutely rock-solid in the bass and low bass registers: a loudspeaker for every room and any style of music. Coated 28 mm Esotar² soft dome tweeter with Precision Coating for natural, clean and clear highs Dedicated 15 cm MSP midrange driver with 38 mm aluminium voice coil for improved resolution and accuracy Two 20 cm MSP mid/woofers each with 75 mm aluminium voice coil for deep, precise bass down to 30Hz Die-cast Aluminium baskets for increased rigidity and lower resonance Aluminium wire voice coil on new black Kapton® coil former for increased power handling Phase-optimised crossover design for perfect phase coherence Highest quality crossover components for absolute sound neutrality Dynaudio Focus Components Only the highest level quality components, selected for their sonic properties, are used. A good example is the crossover: simple 1st order filters (6dB/octave), carefully wound air-coils using the purest copper, choice Solen capacitors, and zero temperature drift ceramic resistors all combine to enable a superior transient response. Time and experience drive the meticulous process of selecting and matching veneer from the finest wood available, followed by careful sanding and French-polishing. All models in the Focus range feature a gentle asymmetrical taper towards the back of the cabinet. This wasn’t done just for aesthetical reasons: The distinctive shape prevents internal resonance, as the side walls are not parallel. Additional damping, strengthening and bracing in critical sections further reduces unwanted resonance. The highly sophisticated, asymmetrically shaped Focus cabinets achieve a level of quality only possible through many years of experience. Another Dynaudio technical innovation is the use of pure aluminium for voice-coils. In comparison to the more commonly used heavy copper, this allows for unusually large diameter voice-coils that remain extremely light. In combination with the new, even stronger magnet material used in the drivers developed for the Focus range, cone movement is more controlled – cone excursion following the music signal from an amplifier with precision and perfection. The New Dynaudio Focus Series The new Dynaudio Focus Series sounds more open and transparent, more detailed and dynamic and more precise than ever before. Every model has been improved in every way: new drive units, a refined cabinet shape and styling, improved cabinet construction, new fine-tuned crossovers, and an additional floor stand model. In their short lifetime, the Dynaudio Focus range has received numerous awards and tremendous praise from audio journalists and music lovers. Why? Because this range perfectly illustrates where technology, innovation and experience unite: a design concept that reinterprets Dynaudio’s classics. The latest Dynaudio driver unit generation is introduced in the new Focus models: Soft dome tweeters featuring a new, improved precision coating; midrange and woofers with newly developed voice coil assemblies and sound-optimised, die-cast aluminium driver baskets; synergistically united via further-refined crossover designs - all housed in an improved cabinet construction. The overall result: The Dynaudio Focus range not only sounds but looks better than ever before while featuring the most advanced loudspeaker technology and performance in its class, with each and every model delivering a new, higher level of sound quality. Dynaudio Focus Series II 380 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Specifications Sensitivity 89 dB IEC Power handling > 300 W Impedance 4 Ω Frequency Response 30Hz – 25 kHz (± 3 dB) Weight 34.0 kg Dimensions (W x H x D) 246 x 1222 x 385 mm About Dynaudio Dynaudio loudspeakers are held in the highest esteem by the recording engineers of the world’s most prominent recording studios - in fact the demanding British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Radio & Music) selected Dynaudio as the exclusive reference monitor for all of their modern recording and radio studios. Founded over 30 years ago, when a group of engineers in Skander borg, Denmark who shared the passion for music came to the mutual conclusion that even the best loudspeakers available at the time were incapable of playing music without colouration. Phase shifts, propagation errors, distortion and poor transient response were clearly measurable and audible with virtually all loudspeakers. From that date, Dynaudio has been dedicated to Authentic Fidelity, ambitiously setting forth to create a completely new and modern generation of loudspeakers based on their dedicated ground-breaking research. Their efforts over this time have resulted in innovative and technologically advanced developments that are at the foundation of Dynaudio’s unparalleled performance. Innovations such as Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC) technology have established Dynaudio loudspeakers as a sound quality reference worldwide, and over the years many different Dynaudio models have become audiophile classics: True loudspeaker legends for true music lovers.
Technical Specifications Sensitivity: 88 dB IEC Power Handling: > 300 W Impedance: 4 Ohms Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 23 kHZ (3 dB)Weight: 34.0 kg Dimensions (W x H X D): 9.7 x 48.1 x 15.2”
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