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FiiO - X5 II - Digital Audio Player - FIIO-X5-II Australia Brisbane

FiiO - X5 II - Digital Audio Player


The X5 was launched as a revolution in the digital music industry by Fiio a couple of years back. It took over its competitors and delivered performance that satisfied the acoustic senses of all audiophiles. The X5 Second Generation takes the revolution one step further and improves the audio quality by leaps and bounds.

  • Switchable power supply voltage, improving high-gain driving power and low-gain playtime endurance;
  • Hardware DSD128 decoding with premium analog volume control to realize direct uninterpolated DSD output
  • Direct SACD ISO decoding
  • Dual silicon crystal oscillators for jitter <1ps at all output frequencies
  • Deep-sleep standby for instant-on music playback
  • Lighter and smaller than 1st gen X5
  • Screen and controls now flush with front plate for better durability
  • 10 EQ bands
  • Support for headphones with inline remote

Native DSD DecodingThe all new digital audio architecture incorporated in the X5 Gen-2 allows it to decode native DSD 64/128 files and support direct playback of SACD ISOs. Apart from these, all lossless formats including WAV, FLAC, WMA, APE, AIFF, ALAC, etc.

Dual Crystal OscillatorsThe X5 2nd Gen features two silicon crystal oscillators clocked at 44.1 kHz and 48kHz. Employing these dual-oscillators delivers jitter-free and highly précised playback of all supported formats. These USA made SiTime MEMS oscillators have a wider range of working temperature with less than 1ps jitter, resulting in an improved accuracy by 25 times.

Audiophile-Grade ConstructionAlthough the performance of X5 Gen-2 has increased by a significant margin, it didn't necessarily mean that its size would also increase. As a matter of fact, the 2nd generation of the X5 is a lighter, smaller and even more ergonomic that its predecessor. The aluminium alloy chassis of the X5 Gen-2 houses a 3300mAh battery, two microSD card slots and brilliant 2.4 ” HD IPS screen.

Personalize it!The X5 Gen-2 comes with a 10-band equaliser that allows you adjust the music according to your own taste and liking. The user-interface gives you the choice selecting five different display themes on the X5 so that you mold it according to your visual taste as well. An option for user-defined playlist allows you to add different songs in playlists.

The X5 Gen-2, like other music players from Fiio, come with a universal 3.5mm audio jack, Making it compatible with almost every performance headphone. The Line Out/Digital Out (Coax) port allows you to share your music with others. The dual microSD slots support 126GB memory cards each so you can store your whole music collection in just a single device.

The 2nd Generation FiiO X5 is sure to impress with its native DSD decoding, IPS display, smaller and lighter form factor, discrete analog volume control, SACD ISO direct decoding, as well as supporting CTIA standard inline remotes, along with an all-new digital audio architecture.

The X5 2nd Generation Music Player is Fiio's flagship portable media player, and it is impressive, to say the least. A new and improved version of the original X5 that is 12% lighter and 15% smaller than the first edition. Also, an other new feature is the ability for 3-button controls of headphones to skip tracks/pause/play/fast-forward/rewind your music. The Fiio X5-II utilizes the Ingenics 4760B dual-core 600MHz CPU, which provides formidable processing power, and supports all major lossless music formats. The X5 supports DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, AIFF, HE-AAC, and WAV lossless music formats. This is the most complete set of supported formats to date among hi fi DAPs. With the X5-II, music lovers never have to worry about the lack of format support or format conversion. The X5 even decodes Apple's proprietary ALAC format seamlessly, and with the capability to store up to 256GB spread across two 128GB microSD cards you'll have enough space for all your great files. Also a graphic 10-band equaliser for full adjustment of your audio. The X5 serves not only as a DAP, but also as a standalone USB DAC when connected to a computer. The new version of the X5 now includes a dual crystal oscillators to improve overall accuracy by up to 25 times. Other features include a completely redesigned user interface, a mechanical scroll wheel, analog line output, coaxial digital output, and variable output gain. The Fiio X5 2nd Gen. is another winner so be sure to get one of these amazing units.

Dimensions:109 mm× 63.5 mm× 15.3 mmWeight: 165 gInternal battery:3300mAhOutput power:>255 mW(32Ω/THD+N<1%)THD+N:<0.001%(1 kHz, PO)SNR: ≥117dB (A-weighted, PO)Charging Time:<4 h (DC5V 2A)Battery Life:>10 h (32Ω; normal volume with display off )SoC:JZ4760B,DAC:PCM1792A,LPF:OPA1612,OP:OPA1612+BUF634

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