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Grado - SR325e - Headphones - GRADO-SR325E Australia Brisbane

Grado - SR325e - Headphones


Your ears can thank us later, the SR325e Grado Headphones are top of the range.

As you put the SR325e Headphones by Grado on for the first time and press play, you'll be transported into a new realm of high-resolution audio; you can thank us later. The SR325e Headphones are the top of the range in Grado's Prestige Series lineup. The SR325e is packed full of the latest designs and technologies, but the most important thing is 'that sound'! From the moment you press play, you will hear incredible dynamics, with an equally incredible soundstage; headphones that cost significantly more envy the dynamics and soundstage produced by the SR325e by Grado.

Grado's Prestige Series is well-known for its 60's styling. The SR325e headphones are no exception, with their 60's styling and extreme comfort. Still highly portable and comfortable no matter where you are, at home, on the bus, in the plane or walking. Thanks to their comfort, you can enjoy their great sound for hours without any fatigue.

These headphones shine thanks to their full-spectrum reproduction. You can expect to hear full-bodied low frequencies with Grado's renown midrange & their smooth extended high frequencies that make everything you listen to exude clarity.

The Grado SR325e Prestige Headphones would be perfectly suited to a Digital Audio Player (DAP) &/or a portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier. Ranges from the Fiio, Oppo or Astell & Kern lineup would be perfect to enjoy high-resolution music at home or on the run.

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