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HEOS - Drive - Whole-Home Distributed Audio System

Fiio X7 is a new, advanced portable music player from the Chinese audio maker: Fiio. Ensuring complete compatibility on Android platforms, the X7 music player is what you need for a superior digitalized music experience in a few clicks. It is the first digital audio player to incorporate touch-screen interaction with a 3.97-inches wide display. It features an 800 x 480 resolution 16 million-color IPS touchscreen display to ensure enhanced user-friendliness.

Data Transfer: USB 2.0

Playback: Supports playing by folders, all songs, albums, artists, genres, favourites and playlists.

Play modes: sequential, shuffle, loop single, loop all

Library Management: Delete tracks on the X7, customizing of playlists, deletion of folders

USB DAC: Supports up to 384kHz/64-bit via driver installation

Equalization: 10-band equaliser with 9 x built-in EQ settings

UI Settings: the main menu can be customized

Gapless playback: Supported

Battery: 3500mAh Li-poly battery

Playtime: Approximately 10 hours

Charging time: Approximately 4.5 hours

Software The Fiio X7 operates using the Rockchip's RK3188 SoC, with 4 Cortex-A9 cores (each 35% faster than an A7) that operates at a speed of 1.4GHz. The rockchip is manufactured in a new 28nm process enabling your music player work 55% faster than its counterparts with ultra-low leakage current. This is why, the Fiio X7 is considered 60% more power efficient than the 45nm LPSoC process music players.

The Amp Module Design The Fiio X7 has a patent amp module design: an integrated profile of a portable music player with a separate headphone amplifier. This advanced music player can let you customize your resultant sound, output power by selecting between various modules. You can customize the settings: for driving l EMs or full-size headphones, for warm or neutral sound and for single-ended and balanced output ports. It has a detachable amplifier module featuring a micro USB port to charge the battery in 4 hours approximately.

Technical FeaturesThe Fiio X7 utilizes the original ESS E590185 in portable audio through its eight output channels. It bridges a 4-a-side for an astonishing 135 dB S/N ratio and dynamic range with the total harmonic distribution lesser than 120dB. The Fiio X7 player reports a frequency range of 4 Hz to 60 kHz with a three-level gain tweaking feature.

Storage & ConnectivityPortable headphones and earphones with a 3.5 mm jack are most compatible with the Fiio X7 portable music player. Fiio X7 music player offers great storage with a simple microSD card. The inner storage can be expanded up to 128 GB. It also has modern features like 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

The FiiO X7 is Fiio's first Android-based DAP, with a high-impact multi-touch screen, high-end ES9018S DAC, supporting WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, separate interchangeable amp modules along with a highly customised music application.

Mastering quality lossless playbackFiiO's first Android-based DAPAndroid DAP that bypasses android's sample rate conversionFirst DAP with Android / Pure Music mode switchHigh-impact 3.97" 480x800 multitouch screen;1GB RAM, quad-core Cortex-A9 for smooth music playback under all circumstances;RK3188 SoC+ES9018S DAC+OPA1612 buffer, no compromises throughout the audio chain;Highly customized music APP;Symmetrical button layout enabling custom button mappings;Patent-pending exchangeable headphone amp module; docking connector to desktop amp;Supports WiFi / Bluetooth 4.0+Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), expanding your music horizons one / ten wirelessly;6061 aluminium + advanced CNC processing, pursuing perfection from materials to machining;Ergonomic body design, well sized and shaped for single-handed holding and operation;Innovative mirror finished edge+reflective status light;Well-sized 3500mAh battery for 9 hours' play time;Two years' research effort by our professional audio development team; Fiio's quality assurance.

Powerful, power saving CPU with 4xCortex A9 CPU.

The X7 utilizes Rockchip's RK3188 Soc with 4 Cortex A9 cores running at 1.4Ghz. Designed for high-end hi fi, the X7 is one of the first portable devices to use a ESS S9018S DA. Its 8 output channels can be bridged 4-a-side to achieve astonishing figures such as 135 dB for signal to noise ratio and dynamic range, THD remains very low at -120dB.

Patent pending modular module construction allows the end user to alter the sound as they wish. Different modules for either IEM or full sized headphones, warmer sounding, neutral or brighter sounding.

State of the art chassis construction ensures that every single X7 is the product of over 180 hours of careful CNC machining and construction.

The X7 is a true universal player in that it plays all commonly known audio formats including - WAV/FLAC/ALAC/AIFF/WMA/MP3/OFF as well as DSD 64/128 and DXD.

Unique and sophisticated interface is designed for the discerning, advanced audiophile who demands complete control of their music in an instant.

Full bluetooth compatibility makes the X7 easy to use with your favourite wireless speaker.

The X7 is deisgned be to docked with the optional K5 amplifier for a DAC/Amplifier combination par excellence.

Colour: TitaniumMaterial: 6061 Aerospace grade aluminiumInternal Storage: 32GbStorage expansion: Up to 128Gb via microSDcardDisplay: 480x880 pixelsDimensions: 130mmx64mmx16.6mm

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