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HiFiMAN - HE-400S - Headphones - HM-HE400S Australia Brisbane

HiFiMAN - HE-400S - Headphones


For the music aficionado, these headphones bring a new definition to elegance in sound, comfort and style. The dynamic and comfortable headphones are lightweight, comfortable and will allow you to hear music like you've only just pulled the cotton wool from your ears.

Many of our headphones aren't in this price range. With the HE-400S', HiFiMan have done an incredible job providing Planar Magnetic Technology, comfort, and style at a price you just can't beat.

The Planer Magnetic drivers result in minimal sound distortion with great frequency reproduction across the spectrum. The HE-400S headphones are designed with an artistic and redefined look. Aesthetically pleasing, the HE-400s' include high-quality ear cups combined with black soft and velvety ear cushion for extra comfort.

Comparing its stats with closed back Momentum 2.0, the HiFiMan HE-400S has an upper hand due to its spacious and open sound. These premium headphones are bigger, more comfortable & come with easier adjustments. The open back headphone design produces greater sound clarity and staging. The clarity of sound and music is completely maintained with these Planar Magnetic headphones.

The headphones have a frequency response of 20Hz-35Khz which enables the headphones to transparently reproduce audio, especially from high-quality uncompressed audio files.

The light weighted headphone weighing only 350 grams are 100% portable and can be carried along with you hasslefree.

These headphones are affordable and cost very less as compared to others but incorporated with many detailed features and impeccable sound quality Making it exquisite. These headphones have set the benchmark for its competitors with its revolutionary features and comfortable use. Enjoy music and tune into its glory with these massive headphones.

Enjoy your music the way you're meant to; these HiFiMan headphones provide the clarity, detail and overall sound quality for a budget price!

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