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Marantz - HD-DAC1 - Headphone Amplifier - HDDAC1-BLACK Australia Brisbane

Marantz - HD-DAC1 - Headphone Amplifier


Marantz - HD-DAC1 - Headphone Amplifier w/ DAC

  • “An amazing emotional, high-energy headphone experience.”
  • Audiophile quality
  • Optical & Coaxial Digital, USB-B, USB & Analogue Inputs
  • Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz + DSD 2.8MHz & 5.6MHz
  • Jitter Remover + Dual Clock for improved accuracy

Let me put it bluntly - looking at the pictures, parameters and equipment… It's a bargain that would be foolish not to seize.


If you're in the market for an ultra high quality, high-resolution dedicated headphone amplifier, the HD-DAC1 is for you. With Current Feedback Amplification technologies included from Marantz's high-end premium 11 Series, audio quality reaches new climactic heights. The HD-DAC1 can efficiently run audiophile quality headphones up to 600 ohm thanks to its three-level gain control, premium audiophile DAC, HDAM SA2 modules, and premium RCA fixed & variable outputs. Looking for more? The HD-DAC1 can also be connected to an Integrated Amplifier, pair of active speakers, & power amplifiers.

When seeing the HD-DAC1, your eyes will light up with excitement. The Marantz HD-DAC1 looks stunningly beautiful. The phenomenal build quality and aesthetic appeal is second to none. Finished in solid Aluminium, & supported by double layer bottom plate & side panels with an incredibly elegant and premium faux wood finish, the HD-DAC1 is both a looker & performer.

Information such as the volume, input & current resolution is displayed on the stylish Marantz porthole display.

  • Premium Build Quality
  • Audiophile quality
  • Optical & Coaxial Digital, USB-B, USB & Analogue Inputs
  • Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz + DSD 2.8MHz & 5.6MHz
  • Quick and Easy set up

The DAC:

The DAC reproduces recordings accurately, as they were meant to be heard. Accurate, truthful & without unwanted colouration. The DAC compliments high-resolution audio, giving a new life to your headphones.

Extra Features:

Marantz has thought about each and every component & piece of technology that has gone into the HD-DAC1. We have all experienced that awful & frustrating noise experienced when plugging a computer into an audio device; It is the bane of my existence! Thankfully, Marantz has built extended isolation around the USB-B input, to ensure that your audio is clean, removing the chance of noise being generated by your computer when entering the HD-DAC1.

PC / Mac / iDevice compatible

Recommended Add-ons / Accessories:

Not sure about what headphones to run with the HD-DAC1? We can help. If you're looking to purchase cables, headphones or any other accessory or component, please give us a call. We'll be able to perfectly match these components/accessories with the HD-DAC1, to ensure you get the best out of your new system. You call our Toll Free number on 1300 308 711.

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