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The Audiant DP32 is a USB DAC preamplifier equipped with a 32-bit digital to analogue converter (DAC), fully balanced analogue audio circuits and ample input options – featuring AES/EBU digital input...

The Audiant DP32 is a USB DAC preamplifier equipped with a 32-bit digital to analogue converter (DAC), fully balanced analogue audio circuits and ample input options – featuring AES/EBU digital input and balanced XLR analogue input along with asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB audio streaming.

From its sleek, modern appearance to its transparent, extended, and engaging sonic presentation; the Audiant DP32 preamp is simply captivating. The sound is spacious and focused, resolving so much information but without brightness, grain or artefact.



  • High Resolution Accuracy - ESS Technology's 32-bit Sabre³² DAC with patented Hyperstream™ DAC architecture and Jitter Eliminator provides accurate sound reproduction.
  • Low Jitter. Perfect Timing - Two stages of jitter reduction in the digital audio stream keep jitter to a minimum ensuring the delivery of your music is timed to perfection.
  • Pure. Emotion - Ultra-low distortion provides transparent, detailed and accurate sound reproduction which captures the heart, soul and emotion of music.
  • Tonally Correct - The audio circuit has no capacitors in the signal path to introduce phase shift to the analgue signal – ensuring your music retains its purity and intended tonal balance.
  • Touch Panel Interface
  • Home Theatre Bypass
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • Asynchronous. Detail. Transparency - The asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB input allows the superior detail, dynamics and transparency of high definition music to be fully experienced.
  • Brings Music to Life - The fully balanced audio signal allows true 24-bit dynamic range and retains the liveliness and sparkle of your music – bringing it to life.
  • Isolated Digital Inputs - Electrically isolated digital inputs assure no ground loops and stop the power supply noise in source components from degrading the sound quality.
  • Clean. Noise-free - Digital signals are kept clean and noise-free by discrete shunt regulators with high noise rejection, reducing jitter and allowing your music to shine.
  • Dimmable Display
  • Trigger Output
  • Fixed or Variable Preouts


    Digital Audio Section

    Digital Inputs: 1 USB(asynchronous 24/192), 1 AES/EBU(XLR), 2 Coaxial(RCA), 2 Optical(Toslink)

    Digital Input Impedance: AES/EBU - 110Ω, Coaxial - 75Ω

    Digital to Analogue Converter: ESS Technology Sabre³² Reference ES9018 32-bit DAC

    Input Word Length(maximum): 24-bit(AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical), 24-bit(USB)

    Input Sample Rate(maximum): 192kHz(all inputs)

    DAC Output Voltage: 2.0Vrms @ 0dBFS

    Total Correlated Jitter: (all sample rates)

    Preamplifier Section

    Analogue Inputs: 1 Balanced/Unbalanced(selectable), 1 Unbalanced Line/Home Theatre(selectable)

    Analogue Input Impedance: Balanced - 20kΩ, Unbalanced - 47kΩ

    Analogue Pre Outputs:1 Balanced(XLR), 1 Unbalanced(RCA)

    Analogue Line Outputs: 1 Unbalanced(RCA)

    Volume Control Bypass: Yes(selectable)

    Volume Control Range:

  • Analogue Inputs:
  • Balanced XLR: -105.0dB to 0.0dB
  • Unbalanced RCA: -100.0dB to +6.0dB
  • Digital Inputs: -105.0dB to 0.0dB

    Maximum Output Voltage: 12.0Vrms

    Analogue Output Impedance: Balanced XLR - 100Ω, Unbalanced RCA - 50Ω

    Total Harmonic Distortion(THD+N): Typically - 0.0005% @ 1kHz, 20Hz to 20kHz - better than 0.001%

    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz - ±0.05dB

    Signal to Noise: 140dB, ref. 2Vrms(unweighted)

    Dynamic Range: 140dB @ -60dB, ref. 2Vrms(unweighted)

    Channel Separation: 20Hz to 20kHz - better than 115dB, ref. 2Vrms


    Dimensions(wxdxh):431mm (17.0") x 305mm (12.0") x 67mm (2.6")

    Weight: 8.0kg (17.6lb)

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