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Easily one of the most popular all-in-one record cleaning kits, the Thorens record cleaning kit contains all of the tools you will need to ensure your records are in the best condition for years to come.

By cleaning your vinyl records, you will extend the life of your Turntable's cartridge / stylus and obtain a significantly improved sound quality when compared to playing dirty records.

If not for yourself, it's the perfect gift for that friend with a vinyl collection. Packed in an attractive German made beech wooden presentation box, the Thorens Record Cleaning set contains:

The liquid Record Cleaner
Anti-static Cloth
A Domed Velvet Brush (For intense record cleaning)
A Carbon Fibre Brush (For Deep Cleaning of the Grooves)
A Stylus Cleaning Brush (with special liquid)
and a Stylus Dusting Brush (for quick/regular dust removal)

The Thorens Cleaning Kit contains all the tools needed to easily maintain your LP Records.

Thorens equals 'European quality' at its finest. Turntables and Thorens are more or less synonymous. Some consider owning a Thorens product to be a considerable step toward becoming a 'true' audiophile. The refined process behind Thorens' incredible engineering of their high-end audio equipment is based on over 125 years of research, testing & development. Their love of sonic reproduction is evident starting from their entry level Turntables, right through to their award-winning flagship turntables & accessories.

The Thorens record kit can be used for any brand of Turntable and all vinyl records.

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