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  • Spin Clean Record Washer

    Do you know how much damage can be caused by playing dirty vinyl records? You could significantly reduce the life and the audio quality of your Turntable's Stylus/Cartridge. Have you...
  • Pro-Ject - Brush-It - Carbon Fibre Record Cleaning Brush

    The Brush It is an anti static brush, helping remove lint and dust from your records before playback.
  • Pro-Ject - Clean-It - Stylus Cleaning Brush

    Clean it - Carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush The Clean it carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush is suitable for daily cleaning of the stylus. The stylus brush is the best...
  • AM - Velvet Record Cleaning Brush AM - Velvet Record Cleaning Brush
    Sold Out

    AM - Velvet Record Cleaning Brush

    AM's Velvet Record Cleaning Brush is specially designed to keep your records in their best condition. Carefully removing dust and debris, the AM Record Cleaner ensures a better sounding playback...
  • Spin Clean Record Washer Fluid

    Spin Clean Record Washer Fluid (Large 8oz / ~235ml) Bottle. If you're like us, you'll clean a lot of records, so getting a large bottle of the Spin Clean Washer...
  • Thorens - Record Cleaning Kit

    Easily one of the most popular all-in-one record cleaning kits, the Thorens record cleaning kit contains all of the tools you will need to ensure your records are in the...
  • Thorens - Carbon Fibre Record Brush

    Record Brush Carbon fibre record brush
  • Thorens - Stylus Cleaning Brush & Fluid

    Please Note: The image does not show included cleaning fluid**Cleaning Set- High quality stylus cleaning brush & anti-static cleaning fluid
  • Milty - Pro Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun
    Sold Out

    Milty - Pro Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun

    MILTY DUOPAD Milty products have evolved and refined over time resulting in truly fantastic products. Through thoughtful design and intuitive handling, all Milty products are exceptionally easy to use.
  • Milty - Duopad Velvet Record/CD Cleaning Brush

    MILTY DUOPAD Milty products have evolved and refined over time resulting in truly fantastic products. Through thoughtful design and intuitive handling, all Milty products are exceptionally easy to use.
  • Pro-Ject - VC-S - Record Cleaner

    Complete ready to start package for wet vinyl cleaning Superfast & superstrong cleaning Exhaustion of cleaning liquid from record Completely dry record in 1 or 2 complete rotations Cleaning fluid...
  • AM - Record Cleaner

    Getting down and dirty in the grooves of your vinyl since 1971, Record cleaner is the safest and most effective way to freshen up your record collection. AM Record cleaner...

You’ve got your turntable system, in all its glory. You’ve got your hard-earned and much prized collection of vinyl. All set, right? Not quite. If you don’t have a sure-fire cleaning system in place for your records, you’ll also have a couple things you didn’t want - damaged vinyl and bad sound quality. Take the time and money to keep your collection squeaky clean, and it will give you years of listening joy. We have everything you need to make sure your collection stays in tip top shape - from simple brushes to professional record cleaners.

We carry several types of cleaning brushes in either velvet or carbon fibre. While you may be tempted to buy a brush for practically pennies elsewhere, keep in mind that a poor quality brush will be coarse (scratched records!) and much more liable to shed. Our brushes come from trusted brands and have proven quality, and still are quite affordable. Also consider adding a stylus cleaning brush to your order to keep that vital component in pristine condition.

For a deep clean, take a look at the record cleaning kits we offer. They’ll get that collection looking brand new, and may even be able to salvage that buried-in-the-bin find that’s been collecting dust for decades. Most popular is the Spin Clean Record Washer, which gets rave reviews from users and professional audiophiles alike.

And if you’re really serious about getting and keeping your records in perfectly pristine condition, take a look at our professional level vacuum record cleaners. The Clearaudio Double Matrix, for example, has won boatloads of awards like “Product of the Year” and “Editor’s Choice” from The Absolute Sound. One article calls it “the fastest, quietest, and best cleaning RCM I know of. If you can afford it you won’t regret buying it.”

Invest in a good cleaning system and you can keep both new and old records in fantastic shape and have the sound to prove it. Give us a call if you have any questions about any of our cleaning products and we’ll be happy to go over them with you!

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