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  • SVS - SB-4000 - Subwoofer

    Chest-thumping slam and low frequency extension below the threshold of human hearing, with refined musicality – a level of subwoofer performance not seen at this price before. The SB-4000 subwoofer’s...
  • SVS - SB-1000 - Subwoofer

    At first glance, it’s easy to underestimate the abilities of the SB-1000 subwoofer. But when it erupts to life with deep and hard-hitting low frequency output, there’s no mistaking it...
  • SVS - SoundPath Isolation System (Subwoofer)

    The SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System works with nearly every subwoofer brand and model to improve bass performance while reducing floor and wall vibrations, noise artefacts and complaints from neighbours...
    From $120.00
  • SVS - PC-2000 - Cylinder Subwoofer

    Sporting a unique and innovative cylinder design with a footprint measuring just 16.5-inches in diameter, the SVS PC-2000 subwoofer delivers unmatched bass performance per square-inch of floor space. Standing 34-inches...
  • SVS - PB16-Ultra - Subwoofer

    One Subwoofer to Rule Them All. Introducing the PB16-Ultra. An unrelenting passion for breathtaking bass performance and engineering perfection guided every aspect of the PB16-Ultra subwoofer’s development. Groundbreaking technology, rigorous...
  • SVS - PB-2000 - Subwoofer

    For chest-thumping movie slam and impact and sheer low frequency performance for the price, the PB-2000 subwoofer destroys larger and more expensive subwoofers, dipping all the way down to 17Hz...
  • SVS - Prime Satellite Surround System

    Pairing SVS's Prime Satellite speakers with their acclaimed SB-1000 subwoofer and its 300 Watts of power, the Prime Satellite system delivers a complete experience for movies and music, with the...
    From $1,790.00
  • SVS - Prime Series Pack

    The Prime Series Speaker pack represents the perfect combination of advanced acoustic engineering, high end design elements and exquisite sound quality for stunning home theatre performances at a head-turning price....
    From $3,990.00
  • SVS - Ultra Series Pack

    The Ultra Tower Surround Sound system delivers jaw-droppingly immersive audio performances that transport you into the heat of movie action, or on-stage with your favourite musicians. The Ultra Tower speakers,...
    From $7,490.00
  • SVS - SB-2000 - Subwoofer

    The SVS SB-2000 achieves a staggering 19-240 Hz frequency response from a compact, sealed enclosure weighing only 35 lbs. and measuring 14.2-inches all-around (without feet and grille). The subwoofer’s weight,...
  • SVS - Ultra - Floor Standing Speakers

    Every design element of the SVS Ultra Tower speaker was scrutinized to achieve cost-no-object audio performance and build quality. The flagship SVS loudspeaker features countless design innovations and world-class build...
  • SVS - Ultra - Surrond Speakers

    Innovative engineering and intelligent design come together in the SVS Ultra Surround home theater speakers. Acoustically voiced to blend seamlessly with all models in the SVS Ultra and Prime series...
  • SVS - Ultra - Centre Speaker

    The reference 3-way SVS Ultra Center channel speaker reproduces the most demanding movie and music content with depth, clarity and vigor, while serving as the main soundstage anchor and critical...
  • SVS - Ultra - Bookshelf Speakers

    The SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers are the rare speaker design that deliver effortless full-range sound and an expansive soundstage with pitch-perfect accuracy and pinpoint imaging. A true reference quality speaker,...
  • SVS - SB16 Ultra - Subwoofer

    An unrelenting passion for awesome bass performance and engineering perfection guided every aspect of the SB16-Ultra subwoofer’s design. Groundbreaking technology, rigorous design and extreme testing in real world and laboratory...
  • SVS - Prime Satellite - Bookshelf Speakers

    From the moment you feel the heft of the Prime Satellite speakers, you understand they’re not the typical compact satellite speaker designed primarily for lifestyle or visual appeal. The Prime...
    From $790.00
  • SVS - Prime Elevation - Bookshelf Speakers

    SVS Prime Elevation speakers play any role in a home theater surround sound system amazingly well. Designed to easily mount directly to the wall or ceiling with the Multi-Purpose Wall...
  • SVS - Prime - Floor Standing Speakers

    The Prime Tower speakers set the bar for sound quality and high-end appeal among tower speakers anywhere near the price. The reference-grade SVS floor-standing speaker is amazingly transparent, with a...
  • SVS - Prime - Centre Speaker

    It's rare, if not impossible to find a true 3-way centre channel speaker at even close to what the Prime Centre costs. Leveraging design elements and technology from the SVS...
  • SVS - Prime - Bookshelf Speakers

    The Prime Bookshelf speakers are sonic overachievers on all levels. Stunningly dynamic, pinpoint accurate and utterly transparent, they deftly serve as reference monitor loudspeakers in a two-channel system, or as...
  • SVS - PC-4000 - Cylinder Subwoofer

    A tower of bass without peer across the world of audio, the PC-4000 is an icon of SVS design innovation standing tall as the most sophisticated cylinder subwoofer SVS has...
  • SVS - PB-4000 - Subwoofer

    Thunderous low frequency output and extreme deep bass extension, with accuracy and control, the PB-4000 is a benchmark setting subwoofer on every level with unheard-of performance and features for even...
  • SVS - PB-1000 - Subwoofer

    Considering the low frequency extension and thunderous SPL output without sacrificing musicality, the PB-1000 defies expectations at every level. The front-firing driver features dual high-grade ferrite magnets and FEA-optimized internal...
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