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  • IsoTek - Full System Enhancer CD

    A variety of tracks featuring specially developed algorithms, which create a unique set of signals to reduce burn-in time and ‘run-in’ equipment. The disc can also demagnetise audio and audio-visual...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Aquarius - Power Conditioner

    One of the most cost-effective upgrades you can buy for any high-quality audio system, Aquarius is a multi-award-winning six-way mains conditioner that redefined the power cleaning market. Two high-current outlets...
  • IsoTek - Ultimate System Set-Up CD

    20 Tracks to help set-up, test and fine-tune your audio system. The CD consists of a mix of music, sounds and voices, incorporating 14 specific test and tune-up tracks alongside...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 IsoPlug - Mains Noise Remover

    Deploy IsoPlug around your home to stop Differential Mains noise created by personal computers, fridge freezers, microwave ovens, in fact anything with a power supply. Simply plug into wall sockets...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Sequel - Power Cable

    EVO3 Sequel power cable offers increased performance over IsoTek's multi-award winning Premier, featuring optimised conductor strand geometry and active shielding.   Design: CONSTRUCTION: The conductors are in a parallel construction...
  • IsoTek - Aquarius + Sequel - Bundle

    Available only until end of January 2019 What's in the box? 1 x Aquarius 3 x Sequel, 2m   <strongAquarius Features: Full system upgrade for both audio and home cinema...
  • IsoTek - Sirius + Sequel - Bundle

    Available only until end of January 2019 What's in the box? 1 x Sirius 3 x Sequel, 2m   Sirius Features: Full system upgrade for audio systems Improves sound quality...
  • Isotek - Corvus + Sequel - Bundle

    Available only until end of January 2019 What's in the box? 1 x Corvus 3 x Sequel, 2m   Corvus: Features: Easy 'plug-n-play' set-up 9 clean power fully star earthed...
  • IsoTek - Polaris + Sequel - Bundle

    Available only until end of January 2019 What's in the Box? 1 x Polaris 3 x Sequel, 2m   Polaris Features: Easy 'plug-n-play' set-up Suitable for a complete audio or...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Genesis - Power Conditioner IsoTek - EVO3 Genesis - Power Conditioner
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    IsoTek - EVO3 Genesis - Power Conditioner

    A revolutionary benchmark in clean-power technology for high-performance audio and AV systems, Genesis creates an entirely new, extremely low-distortion mains sine wave using multiple generators – a unique component, and...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Super Titan - Power Conditioner IsoTek - EVO3 Super Titan - Power Conditioner
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    IsoTek - EVO3 Super Titan - Power Conditioner

    Super Titan is the ultimate statement in high-current power conditioning technology, delivering extremely low-impedance, high-current power conditioning for high-end power amplifiers, with a transient ability of 35,500W. Super Titan is...
    From $17,950.00
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Mosaic Genesis - Power Conditioner

    The EVO3 Mosaic Genesis is a hybridised version of IsoTek’s Ultimate series. Combining the extremely low THD sine wave generation engine from Genesis and a lighter version of Super Titan’s...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Titan One - Power Conditioner

    The Titan One re-engineers IsoTek’s unique multi-award winning Direct-Coupled© technology into a discrete single cell version, offering the ultimate high current, low impedance power conditioner in the smallest form factor...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Genesis One - Power Conditioner

    The EVO3 Genesis One is a state of the art single cell sine wave generation system with extremely low THD. The system can be used to dramatically improve single front-end...
    From $3,750.00
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Sigmas - Power Conditioner

    The EVO3 Sigmas is the bigger brother of our highly respected EVO3 Aquarius. Again offering 4 medium power outlets, now rated at 10A and 2 high current 16A, driven by...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Titan - Power Conditioner

    The new EVO3 Titan is a progression of IsoTek’s original multi-award winning design. Whilst utilising the unique Direct-Coupled© technology, the circuit has been radically updated. EVO3 Titan offers the ultimate...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Sirius - Conditioning Power Board (6-Way)

    Sirius is a high-performance, multi-award-winning power bar, which protects and improves your precious audio components. A special wall bracket system allows Sirius to be mounted discretely behind your audio system....
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Mini Mira - AV Power Conditioner (2-Way)

    Designed specifically for audio-visual applications and utilizing the already highly praised Mira circuit, Mini Mira’s unique ‘Triple Resonance Filter©’ improves performance and protection for CRT, LCD, LED and plasma screens,...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Corvus - Conditioning Power Board (9-Way)

    Corvus is an evolution of IsoTek’s award winning Polaris design, reconfigured to feature 9 output sockets and increased wattage. It is a cost effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Polaris - Conditioning Power Board (6-Way)

    Your chance to enter IsoTek’s innovative and multi award-winning range of power conditioning solutions. Polaris is a cost effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual system, delivering improved performance, protection...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Syncro - Active DC Blocking Power Cable

    Syncro also incorporates unique DC-cancelling electronics that rebalance the mains sine wave to dramatically reduce/silence transformer hum. This sophisticated double shielded power cable also features ultra high purity silver plated...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Ascension - Power Cable

    EVO3 Ascension takes IsoTek’s power cable designs and technical innovations to a new level. This unique design consists of deep cryogenically treated silver plated Ohno continuous cast copper conductors, wrapped...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Premier - Power Cable IsoTek - EVO3 Premier - Power Cable
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    IsoTek - EVO3 Premier - Power Cable

    EVO3 Premier was inspired by discussions with high-end electronics companies, many of whom produce audio equipment that retails for tens of thousands of pounds and yet is bundled with poor...
  • IsoTek - EVO3 Optimum - Power Cable

    At the Optimum’s core are three silver plated Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper conductors, with each conductor strand being of a square configuration for tighter bunching. The OCC offers a...
    From $1,850.00
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