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  • Q Acoustics - 3050 - Floor Standing Speakers

    Visually striking in five beautiful finishes; including Lacquered Gloss Black, Lacquered Gloss White and ‘Leather effect’, the perfectly proportioned 3050 is the flagship of the new 3000 Series. Improved twin...
  • Dynaudio - Emit M30 - Floor Standing Speakers

    TRUE DYNAUDIO SOUND QUALITY AND HIGH-END'S HIGHEST VALUE. THE NEW DYNAUDIO EMIT SERIES. The new Dynaudio Emit series is the latest model range from Dynaudio, and was conceived as an...
  • Polk Audio - Signature S50 - Floor Standing Tower Speaker

    1” high-resolution Terylene tweeter for crystal clear high frequency response that perfectly reproduces the latest high-resolution audio files 5.25” low distortion mica-reinforced polypropylene cones for clean, clear bass, better linearity,...
  • Polk Audio - Signature S55 - Floor Standing Tower Speaker

    1” high-resolution Terylene tweeter for crystal clear high frequency response that perfectly reproduces the latest high-resolution audio files 6.5” low distortion mica-reinforced polypropylene cones for clean, clear bass, better linearity,...
  • Q Acoustics - Concept 40 - Floor Standing Speakers

    In common with the Concept 20, its award-winning ‘little brother’, the new Concept 40’s extraordinary soundstage, dynamics and sheer musicality is achieved by incorporating its bespoke drive units into a...
  • Richter - Wizard V - Floor Standing Speakers

    Richter's most popular model, the legendary Wizards, reach new levels of musicality in this fifth generation. Their three-way design features Richter's top-line wide-dispersion soft-dome tweeters and the same powerful 6-inch...
  • Polk Audio - RTi A7 - Floor Standing Speakers

    RTI A7 Features: The proprietary curved, 6-layer DAHLI enclosure design creates the optimal shear damping for a more rigid, acoustically inert enclosure and minimal cabinet resonances. RTi A7 cabinets are...
  • Jamo - C95 - Floor Standing Speakers

    Design The aesthetic of Jamo's flagship Concert Series was envisioned by Kieron Dunk, world-renowned industrial designer. Concert Series' beautiful exteriors house high-performance drivers, acoustically tuned to provide open, transparent playback...
  • Dynaudio - Excite X34 - Floor Standing Speakers

    Slimline design that fascinates with a distinguished presentation: An elegant high-end floorstanding loudspeaker whose sheer sonic output and incredibly three-dimensional soundstage belies its modest dimensions. The X34 is a particularly...
  • PMC - twenty5.23 - Floor Standing Monitor Speakers

    Arguably the most elegant model in the range, the twenty5.23 takes the speed, transparency and sophistication of the twenty5.21 and adds greater bass extension and power. And yet its slim-line...
  • PMC - twenty5.26 - Floor Standing Monitor Speakers

    The flagship model in the twenty5 series is also the most capable. The midrange dome driver makes it the most revealing while the substantial bass driver coupled toan extended ATL...
  • Richter - Harlequin - Floor Standing Speakers

    The original Richter Harlequins were a real surprise package when first released in the early 1990's. The Wizards and Dragons were selling their socks off, and we doubted whether there...

If you really want to be blown away by big, full sound - if you want a full range with major bass, and the power to crank it up - you need a pair of floor standing speakers. Also known as tower speakers, these bad boys are the foundation of any serious home audio system. And unlike the huge monoliths of old, they’ve come into the modern era with sleek styling and gorgeous designs. Whether you want them to blend into the background or catch eyes as the centrepiece of a room, there’s perfect set out there for your space.

But it’s not all about looks, of course. These workhorses of the stereo world are fantastic at getting the job done in your audio setup. They are usually designed with multiple drivers and have one or more dedicated bass drivers, midrange and tweeter. Bass is the name of the game with tower speakers, so if you’re looking for something that’ll rattle the windows and irritate the neighbours, floor speakers are where it’s at.

We carry a huge range of floor standing speakers from the best brands, like Dynaudio, Polk, Q Acoustics, Vivid Audio, and more. So how to choose the best one for you? What should you look for? Don’t worry, we’ll go over all the things to consider and help you get the perfect floor standing speaker for your space and budget.

One of the first things to decide is if you want a 2 way or 3 way speaker (and even sometimes 4 way for the true audiophile). A 3 way speaker will generally sound more natural because each of the 3 speakers is tuned to a different frequency range – this is especially evident in vocals.

Next you’ll want to decide if you’re looking to purchase one or two speakers. Usually, floor standing speakers are bought in pairs, and on side firing models, having a pair is necessary, because they’ll have a dedicated left and right speaker. Front firing towers don’t have this issue, but most people still want a complete set for the most balanced sound.

Size is another important consideration with floor standing speakers. Of necessity, they take up space, although some are heftier than others. Not only do you have to consider whether you have the physical space to put the speakers where you want them, but you’ll want to take into account the size and acoustics of your room to see what size you need and want.

Cabinet construction is also something to pay attention to, and not just because of the aesthetics of them (although many of the premium models are downright gorgeous). Be on the lookout for sturdy construction, quality materials, and anti-resonant capabilities. The feet are also important, you may need padded feet or carpet spikes, depending on what kind of surface you’ll be placing them on. And especially if you have small children (or a clumsy roommate), you’ll want to be able to anchor your tower to the wall to keep them from tipping over.

You’ll also want to take a look at the specs of the speakers you’re considering. Note the frequency response (measured in Herz), impedance (ohms), and sensitivity (decibels). Make sure to match the impedance to your amp or receiver to avoid problems.

No matter which set you decide on, you’ll get the very best when you order with us. We carry only top-rated brands and models, and are here for you with the best advice in the business. Give us a shout out if you’ve got any questions, and our audiophile experts will be there with all the answers you need. Stop by our Camp Hill store to pick our brains or test drive that pair you’re eyeing. And if you’re not close enough for that, we’ve got you covered with free shipping* right around Australia.

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