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Devialet: French Acoustic Engineering

Devialet is one of the most highly regarded audio manufacturers and designers in the world. Their products are almost second to none, providing an incredible experience and quality that few people are lucky enough to experience. 

Devialet have an incredible range of Stereo and Dual Mono Integrated Amplifiers, Speakers and Accessories, available now at Aussie Hi Fi.

French Technological Excellence

Currently holding 107 Patents and 58 Awards, Devialet is the world's most acclaimed new company in sound technology due to the excellence of its innovations.

An invention by Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, the founding engineer, revolutionised audio processing by transforming sound amplification. The ADH Intelligence was the first hybrid technology to associate the preciseness of Analog amplification with the power of Digital amplification. This novel combination of Class A and Class D technologies allowed Devialet products to attain a level of sound quality that had never been heard before. 

The three Devialet founders are:

  • Engineer, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel
  • Visionary entrepreneur, Quentin Sannié
  • Designer of excellence, Emmanuel Nardin 

Founded in 2007 in the heart of Paris, the 40 best acoustic, mechanical, electronic, computer science and signal processing engineers got to work to invent the sound technologies of the future. Their motto: excellence, innovation and constant challenge.

Devialet has since become a market leader for high end amplifiers thanks to their continuous, drastic and revolutionary inventions in audio engineering. Backed by prestigious entrepreneurial investors, they gained the resources to dominate the international audio market.

The company maintains a philosophy of Enlightenment at the heart of its inspirations for the Brand: that technological progress makes Man better. This drive, coupled with emotion, forms the basis of the Devialet listening experience.

The Phantom - The best wireless speaker in the world 

For the first time, experience a power, clarity, and precision unlike anything you have ever heard before. The Phantom delivers ultra-dense sound with physical impact. It replaces all existing systems, outperforming them with its unique engineering, forever changing the world of sound. 

More than a connected speaker, Phantom emits audio by means of a revolutionary, inherently superior, process invented and patented by the Devialet engineers.

Phantom's intense sound invokes emotional experiences; uncovering for the first time the richness of songs you may have heard a thousand times before.

Moving from sub bass at 14 Hz to ultra sharp sound at 27 kHz with no background noise, no saturation and no distortion, The Phantom delivers up to 4,500 Watts and 108 Decibels of power. 

The Expert Pro - The ultimate audiophile system

For the most discerning music lovers, the Expert Pro range goes well above and beyond an ordinary amplifier. Devialet has combined, for the first time, all of the key components of expert playback in a single and extremely thin slab. This reinvention of technology integrates each step of the musical signal chain ie. the preamplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer and phono stage, to reach performance levels that have never been achieved before. 

Independent of source and speakers, the novel system renders your audiophile setup breathtakingly. From the most delicate of turntables to the highest quality file in your digital library, Expert Pro allows you to rediscover all of your music. 


The work of the Devialet engineers is incredible. This most acclaimed technology shows us the future of audio, today. 

Upwardly compatible with products yet to come, investment in Devialet sound equipment will insure you against future system obsolescence.

Come and hear our range of Devialet today at Aussie Hi Fi.

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