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Audeze - LCD-3 - Planar Magnetic Headphones

The Audeze LCD-3 is the next offering in the Audeze LCD series and has done what wasn't thought possible – it has outdone its predecessor, the Audeze LCD-2. The headphone...

The Audeze LCD-3 is the next offering in the Audeze LCD series and has done what wasn't thought possible – it has outdone its predecessor, the Audeze LCD-2. The headphone has become the crown jewel in the Audeze tiara and has even been called the best headphone in the world.

The Audeze LCD-3 is an open backed, over-ear headphone that utilises Audeze's planar magnetic technology and has a wood-finished casing. The drivers are the latest ‘Lotus' planar magnetic drivers which come with special alloys in the conductive traces. This means that you get lower distortion and outstanding driver control from your headphones. All of this results in a sound that is meant to be exactly as the artist intended. Remember, we recommend to use the headphone with an external amplifier for the best reproduction.

The magnetic drivers have ultra-thin yet large diaphragms between them. These diaphragms are again a proprietary patent-pending Audeze technology. Together, the diaphragms and the magnetic drivers permit an astonishing clarity with extremely low distortion levels. The bass and midrange are as good as they were in the LCD-2. The top end, on the other hand, astonishes with its utter clarity that makes you feel as though hidden sounds are emerging from tracks you may have heard many times before.

Along with the planar magnetic drivers and the diaphragms, the LCD-3 uses one more patent-pending technology, and that is the Fazor elements. These elements are arranged just outside the magnets and redirect the flow of audio around the magnets. The result is unmatched lucidity in the quality of sound and ability to get every shade and tone of the music out and present you with a listening experience that will change how you hear music forever.

The matchless performance of the LCD-3 is complemented by the sheer good looks of the headphone. The ear cups are made of Zebrano wood that produces a beautiful effect not dissimilar to that of tiger stripes. To maintain this sleek look, the package comes with a wood polishing kit that includes carnauba and beeswax oil. The earpads are ergonomically designed, so they fit very comfortably over your ears. Again you will feel the heights of luxury here, as you revel in the butter soft feel of lambskin leather or microsuede. Even the carry case or cabinet is made of dark, lush, polished wood. The headphones themselves are protected by a satin bed inside the case.

The Audeze LCD-3 headphone comes with an ADZ6SE Cable (single-ended 1/4"): 1/4 ” TRS to 2x4-pin mini XLR and an ADZ6B4 Cable (balanced 4-pin): 4-pin XLR to 2x4-pin mini XLR. The package also contains a ¼” to 1/8” adapter.

Style: Open circumaural Transducer type: Planar magnetic structure: Proprietary self-closing designMagnet type: High-grade NeodymiumDiaphragm area: 39.8sq cm (6.17sq in)Maximum power: 15W (for 200 ms)Optimal power: 1-4WSPL: > 130dB with 15WFrequency response: 5Hz - 20kHz extension to 50kHzTHD: < 1%Impedance: 110 ohmsEfficiency: 102dB / 1mWWeight: 600gCable length: 2.5m (8.2 ft)

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