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Chord - Chorus Reference XLR - 1m - CHORUS-XLR-1M Australia Brisbane

Chord - Chorus Reference XLR - 1m

The new Chorus Reference sounds so much more detailed and coherent.” The Chorus Reference’s use of ARAY style tri-conductors gave us the chance to experiment with conductor configurations and the...
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The new Chorus Reference sounds so much more detailed and coherent.”
The Chorus Reference’s use of ARAY style tri-conductors gave us the chance to experiment with conductor configurations and the result is a remarkably coherent and involving sound that brings a fresh sense of realism and a closer connection to every piece of music.
Silver-plated conductors arranged in a tri-conductor configuration produce a cable capable of carrying dynamic information and detail to outstanding levels and producing an entirely believable musical coherence across a wide audio frequency. Its performance across high frequencies is particularly special, with cymbals sounding believable in a way that most other cables can’t come near to.
Like other Chord XLR cables the Chorus Reference XLR is fitted with high-quality Neutrik XLRs, and the three conductor connection is made using our special silver solder.
The cable The Chord Chorus Reference is a new cable design heavily influenced by the ARAY technology developed for our flagship Sarum Tuned ARAY cables. The conductors are built from silver-plated oxygen free copper and insulated with PTFE insulation. The tri-conductor configuration is arranged in a repeating spiral and over-extruded with a soft PVC to provide mechanical damping. The shield is a high frequency effective 95% coverage woven braid in combination with a heavy gauge foil, over-wrapped to provide maximum protection across a wide frequency range. The shields are protected with PVC to provide further mechanical damping. The Plugs The tri-conductor configuration of the Chorus Reference cable means that we can produce a particularly well balanced XLR cable that benefits from a floating high frequency effective shielding. All three sets of conductors are used and the configuration in which they are used was arrived at after a lot of listening. Fitted with the Neutrik XLR and with the silver-plated contact pins connected to the silver-plated conductors with our silver solder, this cable is remarkably good at carrying information extremely accurately across a wide bandwidth. Use it withThe design of the Chorus Reference cable was heavily influenced by the extraordinary performance that we were able to achieve with the development of the Sarum Tuned ARAY cables. This understanding of the way conductor configurations could influence performance meant that we could re-think and re-design virtually all the interconnects in the Chord range. The Chorus Reference really benefits from this and when terminated with XLRs, the end result is a cable with a very high performance. The Chorus Reference XLR will work with pretty much anything with XLR connections. We’ve used it extremely successfully with both mid and high end equipment, both as a preamp connector and particularly as a pre to power connection.

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