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FiiO - A3 - Headphone Amplifier - FIIO-A3-BLACK Australia Brisbane

FiiO - A3 - Headphone Amplifier

Fiio's exciting new A3 portable headphone amplifier has to be one of the most affordable and appealing head-fi products available. As part of Fiio's range of headphone amps, the A3...

Fiio's exciting new A3 portable headphone amplifier has to be one of the most affordable and appealing head-fi products available. As part of Fiio's range of headphone amps, the A3 certainly can't be beaten in this price range. The new Fiio A3 model is better than ever, with its upgraded design and style and incredible quality sound reproduction. Australia has been begging for Fiio products that are available from Australian retailers for a long time, thankfully, Fiio can now be purchased in Australia, with full Australian Warranty and Guarantees. Aussie Hi Fi is an Official Fiio dealer.

It's worth noting that the now named 'A3' was once the ever-popular E11k. Across the web, you'll find a lot of information on the previous model, which is the E11k. The A3 has been upgraded and rebranded to differentiate itself from the previous version.

Fiio's A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier not only provides excellent quality through its OPA1642 op-amp circuitry and AD8397 power stage but also packs a long-life battery of up to 16 hours.

If your headphones are 'lacking something special' when listening to music from a portable device, they most likely need a boost in power to get the best out of them. The Fiio A3 amp also has a handy bass-boost function to boost the low-end subtly to support headphones that may be lacking down low.

It's easy and quick to use. The best thing (other than the sound), is that Fiio has made this portable headphone amp easy to use. No one buys a portable headphone amp to tweak settings for hours on end; you want to get straight into listening to music or the audio you love. The A3 enables you to do just that. Plug your device in, plug your headphones/IEMs in, and you're good to go for <16 hours of listening without recharging.

Neutrality is important in the reproduction of audio, and this is where this device shines. With great gain control and a neutral sound signature, you won't need to worry about colouration or degradation of your favourite tracks.


Weighing just 92grams, with a whopping battery capacity of 1400 mAH and run time of approx >16 hours, the Fiio packs a lot of tech and power into such a small device. The A3 comes with a 1/8" line input and 1/8" headphone output and provides 270mW @32Ω, 450mW @16Ω of output power. The A3 also has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 100 KHz to ensure clarity and accurate reproduction.

The Fiio's feel & physical quality is something you'd expect from a device costing ten times more. The Fiio A3's main body is machined out of a solid block of aluminium to give it that premium feel.

Accessories: When you open the box, you'll be delighted with a range of useful accessories that include rubber bands (to strap the device to a DAP/Phone, etc.), warranty info and all relevant cables.

If you're looking for a quality headphone amp but don't want to pay hundreds or thousands for it, the Fiio portable headphone amp is what you need. If you're interested in purchasing the Fiio A3, you can buy online, give us a call to ask a question or order, or visit our Brisbane store for a demo.

Power supply: Mini USB Port Output: 450mW into 16ohms / 270mW into 32ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20 kHz SNR: 108dB THD: <0.004 Charging time: 240 minutes Recommended headphone impedance: 16 to 150ohms Dimensions: 91.2 mm x 56mm x 13mm Weight: 92grams

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